Research and Study Abroad Opportunities

Research Opportunities

The faculty of the Department of Anthropology would like to encourage interested and qualified undergraduate students to pursue independent and directed research in anthropology. There are several programs available to students which are formulated specifically for this purpose.

UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program)

UROP allows students to conduct research under the guidance of a BU faculty member, either contributing to a larger research project or conducting a research project of their own design. This opportunity is open to undergraduates from all majors. Students can receive academic credit, stipends (through work-study, a UROP grant, or as a mentor-funded assistant), or complete the program as an unpaid volunteer. Interested students should contact professors directly after checking the listing of opportunities listed online. Students can also drop by the UROP office at 143 Bay State Rd with questions, call 617-353-2020 or email for more information.

Read about anthropology undergraduate Sara Keimig’s UROP research on BUToday.

Also, anthropology undergraduate Rachel Bennett worked with Professor Cheryl Knott at her Orangutan Research Center in Indonesia.

In March 2013, four Anthropology students won UROP Fellowships:

  • Robert Rodriguez Suro won a UROP fellowship for research that he will be conducting at Professor Cheryl Knott’s research station at Gunung Palung in Borneo. He will be researching how early conditions in development (such as diet, energy expenditure, social conditions, etc) in males can the adult life-history and their development into flanged/unflanged males.
  • Anna Diorio won a UROP fellowship to do research on the influence on the jazz pianist Lenny Tristano, and the way his disciples understand the experience and expression of emotion in musical production.
  • Corey Gill will be studying MRI scans of human feet to test whether individuals with flat feet or high arches have differently shaped bones.
  • Rachel Bonne-Annee will be working with Jeremy DeSilva during Summer 2013 on a study of variation in human walking and how the skeletal anatomy of those individuals (though MRI scans) can be used to predict walking characteristics (stride length, pronation, etc…) in humans today.

Ada Draper Award

The Ada Draper Award is a scholarship awarded to academically talented women interested in research and travel abroad. Interested female studies must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 and the desire to travel and study abroad in the year following graduation. Applications are available in the Anthropology Office in January and are due February 22, 2013.
If you have questions or would like more information please contact Jenny B. White, DUS of Anthropology or Nancy J. Smith-Hefner, Associate Chair.

Fulbright U.S. Student Program

Students who are US citizens who would like to study abroad, teach English, or conduct research and who will have a bachelor’s degree by the beginning date of the grant, can apply for a Fulbright US Student grant. Applications are due to Boston University in early September. They are first internally evaluated by the University and are then sent on to the Fulbright program for their October deadline. Interviews typically take place in mid to late September. For more information, students should check the Fulbright website at or contact Boston University’s Fulbright Program advisor, Suzanne Kennedy at 617-353-8686 or

Study Abroad Opportunities

Bored of studying anthropology at BU? Go studying anthropology abroad! Below are some good websites on which you might find the study abroad programs you like.

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