Internship and Study Opportunities

Internship and Study Opportunities

There are not many internships available in sociocultural anthropology because of the nature of the discipline and because much of the work in our department is done abroad and requires foreign language skills. You can, however, approach specific professors you have taken a course with and ask about their on-going projects. You can also see our current list of opportunities.

After learning how to discover taxonomic structure in language, a student applied these skills towards understanding the organizational structure of the financial institution in which he was interning. Upon presenting the results of his analysis, his supervisor expressed such strong interest in the skills that this student had, that he offered him a job.

Douglas Hume Northern Kentucky University
via the American Anthropological Association

As the American Anthropological Association states, “Internships offer invaluable opportunities to gain experience in your chosen field…don’t be afraid to veer of the beaten path and consider internships that are non-traditional for anthropology students. Anthropology students not only gain experience through internship, but bring valuable insight to different jobs.”

A few ideas to start your search:

  • Bioanthropologists may need interns for lab-based projects. Talk with someone you have taken a course with and inquire about ongoing projects.
  • Check with the UROP office on campus.
  • Cultural Survival, a nonprofit research organization based in Cambridge offers some volunteer/internship opportunities which you can find online.
  • Look for relevant internship experiences in archaeology or public health. Boston University’s School of Medicine has internship opportunities with their Boston Healing Landscape Project.
  • Check the Featured Opportunities page for current language, internship, volunteer and study programs. Postings will be updated when received, so check back regularly!

From the American Anthropological Association: