Honors in the Major

Anthropology majors who have a minimum GPA of 3.5* and have an interest in conducting independent research are encouraged to consider enrolling in the Honors in the Major program. This program offers the opportunity to motivated majors to pursue academic interests beyond the classroom and enhance skills valuable for the job market and post BA education.

Students interested in pursuing Honors in the Major should discuss their plans with their academic advisor, fill out an honors application with the department, and have it signed off by the DUS of Anthropology.

Honors for Sociocultural Majors:

Honors students majoring in Sociocultural Anthropology enroll in AN 461 and 462 (Ethnographic Theory I & II) in their junior year. In their senior year, students undertake an independent research project under the supervision of a faculty member for either one or two semesters and write a thesis of 35-50 pages based on their research.

Honors for Bio-Anthro Majors:

Bio-Anthropology majors in the honors program take either AN 339 or a 500 level course in biological anthropology in their sophomore or junior year. They register for AN 401/402 with the permission the instructor with whom they would like to work. Bio-Anthro students minimally dedicate two semesters of their senior year their research project. Note that in special circumstances juniors will be accepted for honors work if they are accepted as mentees by a faculty member. The final product will be an original research paper.

*Students with a GPA between 3.2 and 3.5 may be admitted to the program under some circumstances by petition to the DUS.