Amani Abu-Shakra

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Amani Abu-Shakra

abu-shakraMatriculated September 2003

Amani Abu-Shakra’s research will focus on identity reconstruction and accommodation issues among Arab Muslim Americans in the Greater Boston area. In particular, the research will investigate whether Palestinian, Syrian, and Lebanese peoples, who are collectively referred to in the study as Arabs of a similar background, become American in a distinctive way when compared to other immigrant populations and whether Islam plays a significant role in such a distinction. This will be conducted through analyzing the systems of knowledge that underlie people’s behavior on a daily basis with an emphasis on how these systems are objectified by religious and secular institutions, by family, and by Islam. Special emphasis will be placed on women in this process because of the unique position that Muslim women find themselves in when adapting to a new culture. The community members will be accessed through the Islamic Center of Wayland (Mosque and Sunday school) and the Islamic Center of Boston in Quincy headed by Imam Talal Eid. Other members of the community will be assessed through word of mouth and personal contact. Research will begin in the fall of 2009 with a targeted duration of 12 months.


  • Cora Du Bois Dissertation Writing Fellowship