Kathy Kwasnica


Kathy Kwasnica

Program Coordinator

Office: 232 Bay State Road, #105
Office Phone: 617-353-2195
E-mail: kaek@bu.edu

Kathy Kwasnica has served the department for the past decade, responsible for keeping track of our 150 undergraduate majors, our course listings, and everything else that makes the department run smoothly.

In 2009, Kathy won the CAS Student Savior Award from Dean Sapiro at the CAS Staff Appreciation reception. The nomination read:

One need look no further than Kathy’s latest performance review to see why she should win this award:

Kathy’s forte is customer service with our undergraduate majors. At 
graduation 2008, I witnessed one student bringing his parents over 
to meet Kathy, introducing her as the person who helped him 
  throughout his college years. During the current registration period 
(for Spring 2009), multiple students have commented on how helpful 
Kathy is, one saying that he “feels at home in this department.” 
 It’s easy to see why students feel this way: Kathy works with the 
student until the problem is solved. When the solution to a 
 student’s problem doesn’t lie within our department, Kathy will use 
her knowledge to find the answer for the student. Kathy’s stated goal for the past year was “showing and, in turn, receiving respect from the people with whom I work—students, faculty, and the BU community.”

Clearly Kathy met her goal. Now it is time for us to show our appreciation with this award.