Kevin Langergraber

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Kevin Langergraber

Assistant Professor

Kevin LangergraberOffice: 232 Bay State Road, #104A

Spring Office Hours:
Wednesdays, 11  – 12:30; Fridays, 8:30 – 10; and by appointment

As a primate molecular ecologist, Dr. Langergraber uses molecular genetic techniques to investigate numerous features of primate social systems that are not easily observed in the field. He conducts research at two distinct but complementary levels of analysis. At the local scale, he combines field- and laboratory-based analyses to address questions about the behavioral ecology of chimpanzees, with a specific focus on the unusually large Ngogo community in Kibale National Park, Uganda. At the broader scale, he uses samples collected from multiple chimpanzee communities to characterize patterns of chimpanzee genetic variation, and uses these data to address the role of individual behavior in shaping patterns of genetic variation in humans and other taxa.

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BA University of British Columbia (Okanagan)
PhD University of Michigan