Kimberly Arkin

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Kimberly Arkin

Assistant Professor

arkinOffice: 232 Bay State Road, Suite 410 (room 412)
Office Phone: 617-353-5016

Fall 2018:  T 11:00-12:00; W 9:00-11


Dr. Arkin is a cultural anthropologist broadly interested in the production and contestation of national, religious, racial, and gendered identities in France and Western Europe more generally.  Her first book, Rhinestones, Religion, and the Republic: Fashioning Jewishness in France,explores the racialization of Jewishness among second and third generation North African Jewish adolescents, arguing that it is both a mode of asserting relative Frenchness and a major barrier to feeling “at home” in France.  She is beginning a new project on where, when, and how “national” morality gets produced in deeply plural France.   Entitled The “Nature” of Personhood: Biomedical Experts and the Limits of Secular Morality in France, the project explores the sources of French medical professionals’ moral discomfort with “liberal” and/or “market-based” approaches to ethically-fraught medical domains, excavating the possible links between that discomfort and Catholic understandings of authority, individual autonomy, and “nature.”

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  • AN 101 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  • AN 252 Ethnicity and Identity
  • AN 316/716 Contemporary European Ethnography (area)
  • AN 355/755 Religious Fundamentalism in an Anthropological Perspective
  • AN 461/761 Ethnography and Anthropological Theory I
  • AN 510 Proposal Writing in the Social Sciences
  • CC 112 Religion and the Idea of the Secular
  • CC 204 Inequality
  • CC 211 Power, Political Forms, Economics 


PhD University of Chicago
MA University of Chicago
BA Harvard University