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Christina Luke


lukeOffice: 351D, Department of Archaeology, 675 Commonwealth Avenue
Office Phone: 617-353-6415

Christine Luke has two main areas of research: heritage policy, cultural diplomacy and legislation and the role of boundaries in defining cultural spheres, both in the past and present. Her policy work focuses on international heritage, building on eight years of work with the Cultural Heritage Centers at the Department of State and the University of Pennsylvania Museum. Areas of interest are Latin America and the Balkans and Anatolia. She is currently involved in projects in western Turkey (Central Lydia Archaeological Survey) and Montenegro exploring the implications of western-driven notions of landscape and social identity in the management of natural and cultural places.

Her archaeological work focuses on the rise of social complexity in boundary areas. Her work in Central America explores the Maya/Central America zone in the Ulua Valley of western Honduras; in western Turkey the research focuses on the East Greece/Near East boundaries in Lydia, western Turkey. In both areas the social implications of living along a contested boundary have shaped and continue to shape how populations construct social and political networks and how these are imbedded in social spheres of memory.

The Central Lydia Archaeological Survey (CLAS) is run by Dr. Luke and Christopher Roosevelt. You may visit their site at

Geographic Interests

Heritage, Law, Policy, and Archaeology in Anatolia, Eastern Mediterranean and Latin America


PhD Cornell University
BA Scripps College for Women

Courses Taught

IR 410 Latin America Today: Cultural Heritage, International Policy and Diplomacy

AR/IR 396/796 Heritage and Diplomacy

AR 210 Maya Civilization

WR 100 Topics in Biological Anthropology: Making Us Human

WR 100 Things and Places

WR 150 Early Explorers and Archaeology: Finding, Buying and Selling the Past

WR 150 Documenting Great Discoveries in Archaeology

WR 150 From the Grand Tour to the Auction House

WR 150 Art, Culture and Diplomacy

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