Adam Kuper

Faculty Profiles

Adam Kuper

Visiting Professor


Adam Kuper is a specialist on the ethnography of Southern Africa, and he has written widely on the history and theory of anthropology.


Selected Publications

2009 Incest and Influence: The Private Life of Bourgeois England, Cambridge MA: Harvard University Press.

2005 The Reinvention of Primitive Society, London: Routledge. 2004 (Edited, with Jessica Kuper) The Social Science Encyclopedia, third edition, London: Routledge.

1999 ‘Culture’: The Anthropologists’ Account. Cambridge MA: Harvard University Press.

1996 Anthropology and Anthropologists: The Modern British School. Third edition, London: Routledge.

1994 The Chosen Primate: Human Nature and Cultural Diversity. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press.