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Yang Shen

Yang ShenMatriculated September 2011

Ms. Shen is interested in the meaning world of ordinary Chinese and East-Asians, as well as their cultural possibilities. She wants to examine the dynamics between Chinese individuality and sociality through an anthropological lens. In contemporary China, where traditions become remote (but never extinct) and globalization permeates all sectors, it’s interesting to observe some profound meaning orientations embodied in its everyday life.

Yang had conducted fieldwork about migrant assembly-line workers–the very ordinary Chinese–in a giant Taiwanese electronics factory located in the mainland. She showed how individual modernity was encouraged and subtly grew in the industrial setting. Later, she would further her research in the mentality of individuals performing in other social arena, such as their rural families, or newly emerged voluntary organizations.

Yang is also concerned about the production of (scientific) knowledge itself. She hopes to explore the place of anthropological knowledge in disciplines of social sciences, as well as in the social life.

Yang obtained Bachelor of Laws in Sociology at Zhejiang University, China.


  • Dean’s Fellowship
  • Long-term GRAF