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Michel Chambon

M. ChambonMatriculated September 2012

Michel Chambon is a French Catholic theologian researching Chinese Christianity around concepts of materiality. He focuses on diverse practices within Protestant communities in Southern China, to evaluate how these networks negotiate “Chinese grammar” and “Christian faith.”

Michael was born and raised in central France, on his family’s farm where he received a Catholic background. From age 20 to 27, he was a seminarian for the local diocese. Through this commitment, he spent 3 years as pastoral worker in the diocese of Hong Kong, where he learned Cantonese. He earned his MA in Theology at the Catholic University of Paris in 2011, after one and half years in Taiwan for his field research and Mandarin studies. His dissertation was about the concept of Chinese ghost 鬼 within Catholic practices in Taipei.


  • Ecole Française d’Extrême Orient (E.F.E.O.) Scholarship.
  • Catholic University of Paris Scholarship.
  • Boston University Dean’s Fellowship
  • Boston University Graduate Research Abroad Fellowship
  • Confucius China Studies Program Research Fellowship