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Carol Ferrara

Matriculated September 2011

Carol Ferrara is focusing her research on Muslim education, youth, and citizenship in Europe. More specifically, she is interested in private Muslim schooling in France and the ways that this relatively new system of education may be producing new understandings of French Muslim citizenship and identity for its students. She hopes to carry out her dissertation research in Lyon and Paris, France, comparing the policies, environments, and models for “dealing with difference” in private Muslim high schools and secular public high schools. The study will analyze the divergent ways in which these two school systems implicitly and explicitly teach students how to manage and understand difference in a plural society. The project aims to contribute to our anthropological understanding of the role of religious and secular education institutions in religious subject formation and citizenship conceptualization among youth belonging to a religious minority in an officially, and strictly, secular society.

Her Master’s research included a quantitative and qualitative study of education about religion (or lack thereof) in public and private (Islamic and Catholic) high schools in Paris, France and its correlation with student religious tolerance and understanding. Her study is published in the Journal of Religious Education (see below).

Carol holds a dual MA in Middle East & Islamic Studies and International Affairs from the American University in Paris and a BS in International Business from the Rochester Institute of Technology.



Ferrara, Carol. “Religious Tolerance and Understanding in the French Education System.” Religious Education: The official journal of the Religious Education Association. 107 (5) (2012): 514-530.



  • Muslim Studies Fellowship
  • Long-term GRAF