Evolution and Altruism

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Dialogues I

Dialogues II

Dialogues Roundtable

In the Fall 2010 BU Dialogues in Biological Anthropology, “Evolution and Altruism,” Dr. Carel van Schaik (University of Zürich) moderated and directed a series of arguments and conversations concerning the relationship of human biology to human prosociality and altruism.

In the first webcast (October 20th), Dr. H. Kern Reeve (Cornell), a leading expert on the evolution of eusocial altruism in insects and other social animals, joined the renowned social theorist Dr. Herbert Gintis (Santa Fe Institute) in confronting the problems surrounding the origins of human and animal altruism.

In the second webcast (October 21st), two top experts on the evolutionary psychology of apes – the anthropologist Dr. Joan Silk (UCLA) and psychologist Dr. Felix Warneken (Harvard) – debated the roots of human altruism in primate behavior.

The final roundtable discussion brought all five participants together to answer and discuss questions from each other and from audience members live and online.