Alumni Degrees Awarded

Undergraduate graduation photos are available on our Facebook page.

Class of 2015 Graduate Students

  • Andrea Chiovenda, “Culture, War and Psychodynamics among Afghan Pastuns”Abstract
  • Lynsey Farrell, “Hustling NGOS: Coming of Age in Kibera Slum, Nairobi, Kenya”Abstract
  • Jajang Jahroni,”Salafism in The Post-Soeharto Urban Indonesia”Abstract
  • Chloe Mulderig, “Hypocrisy and the Pluralization of Islamic Understanding in Fes, Morocco”
  • Mentor Mustafa, “From the Ashes of Atheism: The Reconstitution of Bektashi Religious Life in Post-Communist Albania”
  • Paula Pryce, “The Porous Cell: Monastic Ritual, Intentional Living, and Varieties of Knowledge in American Contemplative Christianity”
  • Christopher Taylor, “Islamic Charity in India: Ethical Entrepreneurism & The Ritual, Revival, and Reform of Zakat Among a Muslim Minority”

Class of 2014 Graduate Students

  • Huwy-Min Liu,  “Dying Socialist in Capitalist  Shanghai: Ritual, Governance, and Subject Formation in Urban China’s Modern Funeral Industry” Abstract

Class of 2013 Graduate Students

  • En-Chieh Chao, “Women of Fire, Women of the Robe: Subjectivities of Charismatic Christianity and Normative Islam in Java” Abstract
  • Sumanto Al Qurtuby,  “Interreligious Violence, Civic Peace, and Citizenship: Christians and Muslims in Maluku, Eastern Indonesia” Abstract
  • Arianna Huhn,  “Sustenance and Sociability: Foodways in a Mozambican Town” Abstract
  • Edward Callahan, Jr., “To Rule the Roof of the World: Power and Patronage in Afghan Kyrgyz Society” Abstract
  • Lara Saipe Durgavich, “Ovarian Function and Reproductive Behaviors Across the Female Orangutan Life Cycle” Abstract

Class of 2012 Graduate Students

      • Andrew Armstrong, “The Japanese “Ghetto-gangsta”: Searching for Prestige in Kansai Hip Hop Performance Abstract

Class of 2011 Graduate Students

      • Jinba (Tenzin) Danzeng, “In the Heartland of the Eastern Queendom: Marginalities and Identities on the Han-Tibetan Border” Abstract
      • Leonardo Schiocchet, “Refugee Lives: Ritual and Belonging in Two Palestinian Refugee Camps in Lebanon” Abstract
      • Navid Fozi-Abivard, “An Alternative Religious Space In Shi‘A Iran: Socio-Cultural Imaginaries Of Zoroastrians  In Contemporary Tehran” Abstract
      • Sarah Tobin, “Everyday Piety: Negotiating Islam and the Economy in Amman, Jordan” Abstract
      • Shelby Carpenter, “Trust-Building in Post-Conflict West Africa: Urban Hunting Societies in Sierra Leone And The Gambia” Abstract
      • Nicole Hayes Bennesch, “Unequal Partners: Sex, Money, Power, and HIV/AIDS in Southern Malawian Relationships” Abstract

Class of 2010 Graduate Students

      • Christopher M. Annear, “Weathering the Commons: Resilience and Heterogeneity in an Inland Fishery, Mweru-Luapula, Zambia” Abstract
      • Noah Coburn, “Potters and Warlords in an Afghan Bazaar: Political Mobilization, Masterly Inactivity and Violence in Post-Taliban Afghanistan” Abstract
      • Alexei Gavriel, MAAA, “Cultural Intelligence and Ethnographic Intelligence Theory”

Class of 2009 Graduate Students

      • Lindsay Gifford, 7 years, “Nashta: Rotating Credit Associations and Women ‘Being Active’ in Syria.” Abstract
      • Rachel Hall-Clifford, 6.25 years, “Oral Rehydration Therapy in Highland Guatemala: Long-Term Impacts of Public Health Intervention on the Self.” Abstract
      • Eleanor Shoreman, 5.25 years, “Regulation, Conservation and Collaboration: Ecological Anthropology in the Mississippi Delta.” Abstract
      • Denise Guillot, 8 years, “Measures of Postural and Locomotor Performance in Wild Ateline Primates: A Comparative Analysis of Alouatta Seniculus, Lagothrix Poeppigii, and Ateles Belzebuth.” Abstract
      • Todd French, 13 years, “‘Like Leaves Fallen by Wind’: Resilience, Remembrance and the Restoration of Landscapes in Central Mozambique.” Abstract
      • Rob Fredericksen, 6.25 years, “Construction of the Future among Young Gay-Identified Men: Relationship to Gay Male Cultural Norms and Health.” Abstract

Class of 2008 Graduate Students

    • Susan Costello, “Choices and Changes in Tribal and Buddhist Moral Economies in Golok, a Pastoral Tibetan Area.” Abstract