Veterinary Pre- Review of IACUC Protocols

Veterinary Pre-Review Of IACUC Protocols


Veterinary pre-review of protocols increases the speed and efficiency of the IACUC protocol approval process by ensuring that Committee and investigator time is not taken up questioning the minute (but vital) details of protocols. Although this process will require more preparation in advance of IACUC review, it should greatly decrease approval delays stemming from extensive post-meeting communication between the IACUC and investigators.


  1. In order to have sufficient time for review and communication, the veterinary pre-review deadline is one week prior to the IACUC protocol submission deadline. Late protocols may not be reviewed.
  2. Veterinary staff are available, by appointment, to meet to discuss the planning of surgical and anesthetic protocols.
  3. If you wish to have a veterinarian review your protocol, before submission to the IACUC, contact the LASC office at 617-638-4086.