Veterinary Services


If you have animals that require medical attention, or questions about any animal health-related or technical services matter, please contact Veterinary Services. Refer to information below for details of the variety of services offered by the LASC veterinary staff.

Please contact one of the veterinarians for veterinary questions, project planning and protocol pre-preview

Basic veterinary care, for naturally occurring diseases, is included in the per diem charges. Technical services and treatment of research-related conditions are available on a fee-for service basis.

Preventative medicine for lab animals at BUMC includes:

  • approved vendors for all species;
  • rodent quarantine for animals from other institutions;
  • rodent colony health surveillance;
  • acclimation time and daily health monitoring for all larger mammals;
  • quarantine for non-human primates;
  • regularly scheduled health monitoring for non-human primates; and
  • daily health check and health concern reporting system for all animals.

Members of the Veterinary Service staff are available to:

  • train or assist with review sessions for animal handling,
  • surgical preparation, approaches and techniques,
  • breeding colony management, and
  • necropsy techniques.

Veterinarians are available for project planning and protocol pre-review including but not limited to:

  • normative anatomic information and biologic data for all commonly used species;
  • strain specific information for rodent species;
  • anesthesia
  • analgesia
  • recommended euthanasia methods and,
  • medications (antibiotics and other pharmaceutical agents);

Fee-for-service arrangements can include but are not limited to:

Surgery and Anesthesia support and facilities. To reserve a LASC surgical suite, refer to the new scheduling procedure page or call the LASC main office. The suites and surgery equipment are available on a fee basis.

LASC Main Office
Room W707
617-638-4086 p