Schedule Procedure or Surgery Room


As of January 3, 2006 there will be a new scheduling procedure for the LASC Procedure Rooms. The LASC has teamed up with the Educational Media Center’s Office of Resource Scheduling (ORS) to provide a new, computer-based method of reserving procedure rooms. ORS will now coordinate the scheduling using the Resource 25 (R25) scheduling software. This new means of scheduling allows for researchers to check the availability of and schedule procedure rooms from either a computer at work (BUMC) or at home computer (with a VPN connection) via the internet.

Researchers who need to reserve a procedure room can first check procedure room availability on the R25 WebViewer, then fill out the procedure room request form link from that website. Submitting this form will email the information to the LASC space administrator. If you cannot access the request form, you can email your request directly to

You must include all of the following required information in your request:

  • PI Number
  • Protocol Affiliation (BUSM, BMC)
  • Contact Person’s Name
  • Date(s) room needed
  • Beginning Time
  • Ending Time
  • Room Attributes you will be utilizing

Once the room is scheduled, a detailed confirmation will be provided to the requestor for their reservation. In addition, a per-room daily schedule will be placed on the door of each procedure room.

Door Schedules

All individuals using a room are asked to write directly on the printed schedule the times they begin and end their use of the room. Researchers are asked to write this information on the paper, not on the acetate cover. This information will be used for facility planning purposes by allowing the LASC to ascertain the utilization rate of these rooms.

Adding your request for reservation to the door schedule is not an option for obtaining the approval to utilize a room,as ALL official scheduling of procedure rooms occurs in R25 through the process described above.

The LASC and the Office of Resource Scheduling ask that requests for procedure room utilization be submitted two to three days in advance of the requested time. However we will make every effort to process procedure room requests as soon as possible upon receipt. Aside from using this system to quantify utilization and need, we hope that this process will improve the convenience of scheduling procedure rooms and communicating procedure room availabilities from the convenience of your computer. If you have any questions or problems please contact:

Laboratory Animal Science Programs
Boston University Medical Campus
715 Albany Street, W 707
Boston, MA 02118-2518
617-638-4086 p
617-638-4055 f