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Getting Started: For New Investigators

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to start ordering and using animals at BUMC?
  1. You need an approved INSPIR IACUC protocol.
  2. You need LASC Animal Facility access for yourself and/or members of your research staff.
  3. You need to file an Authorization for Animal Housing and Special Services Costs Form (PDF)
How do I get LASC Animal Facility access?
  1. You must complete a Security Access Application, and bring or FAX it to the LASC Office, W707, 8-4055. It will verify the following:
  2. Your name is listed on an approved IACUC protocol.
  3. You have clearance from the Research Occupational Health Program
    Complete the Occupational Health Questionnaire
    Complete the OSHA Respirator Clearance form
  4. You have completed the required training, which minimally includes:
    • LASC Orientation (New Researcher Orientation)
    • IACUC Training
    • Laboratory Safety Training
I’m a new PI moving to BU- how do I transfer my mice here from my old institution so they are ready when I get here?
  1. Submit an animal use protocol to the IACUC. Please note, animals cannot be shipped here without an approved protocol.
  2. Complete a Request to Import Rodents
  3. Your animals will have to go through Quarantine- an LASC veterinarian will contact you with details once we receive your request and a health report from the sending institution. Animals are currently quarantined at Charles River Laboratory.
What if my IACUC protocol has not been approved and I would like transfer my mice in order to begin the quarantine period?

In some cases, we may allow you to import your mice on an LASC holding protocol to begin the quarantine process. You will not be able to transfer the animals from Charles River Labs to BU until you have an approved IACUC protocol.