Breeding LACF -CRC campus

Please work directly with the Director of the LACF and the LACF technician involved to detail the level of services the LACF can provide for your colony.  We are instituting this in small steps but will eventually include:

  • Setting up of breeding cages in conjunction with a responsible member of the research group.
  • Checking for plugs if using timed matings.
  • Checking for obvious signs of pregnancy and isolating each pregnant female prior to partuition (if requested by research group).   This will include making up of related cage card, and tagging the cage as a pregnant female.   Or, if not separated, then tagging the cage to indicate a pregnant mouse is housed in the cage.
  • Checking cages for births of litters and recording on the cagecard the appropriate information, eg date of birth and number of pups born.
  • Adding supplemental bottom feed as the pups get closer to weaning age.  Start this feeding at about 2 weeks of age.
  • Weaning off of the litter, sexing the weanlings, and recording the information on cagecards (eg. date weaned, and number of each sex weaned).
  • Work with research group to communicate this information for each litter.
  • When breeders start showing signs of age, or a decrease in size or health of litters, notify research group to then set up another breeder group.

Be responsible for termination of old breeders when indicated by research group. BUT, do not terminate current old breeders until new breeders have successfully raised one litter.

*Charged at an hourly rate, broken into 15 min. increments