Frequently Asked Questions: Animal Ordering

What is the deadline for submitting animal orders?

The deadline for Tuesday and Wednesday deliveries is noon on Thursday of the previous week. The deadline for Thursday deliveries is Monday at noon. This deadline is necessary to allow LASC enough time to process your order and the vendor enough time to fulfill it. Orders placed after the deadline will be ordered for the next available delivery date for the vendor you are using. If your order is incomplete and we need to request additional information from you, the delivery may be delayed.

Deadlines and delivery dates are subject to availability. These fast turnaround times are generally possible only for common rodent strains at readily available weights/ages. If you are ordering an unusual strain, please plan ahead and place your order well in advance. Though pregnant animals are sometimes available when ordered after the breeding date, we advise you to place your order prior to the breeding date to ensure availability.

A schedule of delivery days and order deadlines for our approved vendors is available on our website here.

Will LASC contact me when my animals are delivered?

Due to the volume of animal orders we process, we are not able to contact researchers to notify them that their animals have been delivered. LASC will contact you only if there is an issue that will result in a delay in the delivery of your animals. If LASC has not contacted you, please expect your animals to arrive at the housing location requested on the requested delivery date. If your order was submitted after the deadline for your requested delivery date, your order will be placed for the next available delivery date for your vendor.

What is the process for making a change to an order that has already been submitted?

If you need to make a change to an order that has already been submitted, please contact the LASC business office at 617-638-4086. We will do our best to accommodate your request. Depending on the nature of the change, you may be asked to resubmit your order. Please be aware that due to the fast turnaround time on animal orders, it may not be possible to make a change if the animals have already shipped.

I am new to the BU Works system. Can LASC help me place my animal orders?

While we will do our best to assist you with your questions, LASC is not able to provide BU Works technical support. For assistance with accessing the system, placing orders, and technical problems please see the list of resources available on the BU Works website here.

I am having trouble placing orders in BU Works. Is there another way to order my animals?

Animal orders for the Boston University School of Medicine and the Charles River Campus must be placed through BU Works. Because purchase orders can only be issued in BU Works, we are no longer able to process paper order forms. Your department is responsible for determining your level of access within BU Works. If you are not able to submit an Internal Service Request, please contact the BU Works Power User for your department to determine who is approved to place orders within your department.

Orders using a Boston Medical Center activity number will be placed using an LASC limit purchase order. LASC will then bill the activity number for the total cost of your order. Please submit a paper order form (available here) with the activity number clearly marked. A paper requisition form is no longer required.

Can I create a shopping cart for an animal order and submit it directly to the vendor?

All animal orders must be placed through LASC. Any animal order submitted directly to the vendor cannot be paid for through proper channels and will not be honored.  The policy related to this is available here.

What is the approval process for animal orders?

After your order is submitted to LASC we will create a shopping cart in BU Works. The order will be issued a purchase order number by the purchasing department. The designated approver in your department has final approval of the order before it is submitted to the vendor (many departments have this set to happen automatically).

Where can I find information on availability and pricing for animals that I would like to order?

For information on pricing and availability, please check the vendor’s website or contact the vendor directly. Please note that your Internal Service Request will require current pricing information as well as a reasonable estimate of shipping charges. Failure to include accurate information in your ISR may result in a delay in ordering your animals.