Purchasing and Maintaining Animals

Terms and Conditions

Purchasing Animals

Animal purchases can be initiated only after the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, IACUC approve your research protocol. Indicate the protocol number on a Boston University purchase requisition (for BMC investigators – indicate protocol number on an approved purchase order) provided to the business office of ASC (W7). The requisition (purchase order) is to include the purchase of animals as well as their care for one year or the length of the grant, whichever comes first.

Ordering Procedure

To purchase animals, complete a requisition and send to ASC by fax to 638-4055, or by inter-office mail to W707. Requisitions (purchase orders) require a three day lead time to verify protocol and sponsored program funding. Please follow the steps outlined below in completing your requisition. The requisition must include:

  1. The IACUC approved protocol number
  2. Recommended vendor with their complete address
  3. For animals ordered please include the following information
    • Species and strain of animal
    • Sex
    • Age, weight or both
    • Quantity to be ordered with corresponding cost (animals, shipping and crate charge)
    • Specific details of any special instructions including, but not limited to
    • Special housing/caging conditions
    • Labeling (cage card, census issues, person responsible for board)
    • Diets
    • Receiving/delivery site (CABR, FMH, or HOUSMAN)
    • Required delivery date inserted in column provided on requisition
  4. The Ship To address on the requisition should readLaboratory Animal Science Center
    Principal Investigator (name on approved IACUC protocol)
    715 Albany St., W7
    Boston MA 02118

Orders more than $2,000, funded from sponsored projects, require pre-approval from the Office of Research Administration. The requisition can be faxed to the research administrator assigned for your department. If you do not know who your administrator is, you can refer to the Medical Campus Internet address – http://www.bumc.bu.edu/bumc/sra to locate the name. If funding for the purchase is other than a sponsored program source (-5, -6, -7, or -8), contact the Office of Financial Affairs, General Accounting (638-4574) for pre-approval.

For Boston Medical Center Principal Investigators, an approval purchase order must be forwarded to ASC by fax to 638-4055, or by inter-office mail to W707. All of the information outlined for University’s requisitions must be included in the purchase order.

Orders must be received by ASC before noon, at least two days before the required delivery date. Lead-time varies with the species and vendor and may be considerably longer than two days. Contact ASC for specific information. This prior notice will allow the ASC to arrange for space and prepare the cages required. Animals will not be ordered unless adequate space and cages are available.


A requisition, or for Boston Medical Center (BMC) grants an approved purchase order, for animal care boarding charges for one year or the duration of the grant (whichever comes first) must accompany the original order for animals. The completed requisition or purchase order should have the fund number to be charged and the estimated cost for animal care for one year or to the end of the grant period. It is the Investigator’s responsibility to monitor the actual per diem charges, monthly. Any questions or disputes regarding these charges should be directed to ASC’s business office (638-4086).

    • ASC will prepare a monthly invoice for boarding and feeding animals for each requisition / purchase order received. In addition, any veterinary support services will be included on the monthly invoice. Invoices will be sent to Investigators – for their information and review.
    • Charges for Boston University Investigators will be automatically journaled to the funding source on the requisition on a monthly basis. Invoices for charges for BMC Investigators will be sent to BMC Accounts Payable (note – an authorized purchase order originally submitted and approved by BMC’s Grant Research Service Administration must be on file at ASC prior to animal care). Payment is due in 30 days.
    • If there is any dispute on charges, it is the Investigators responsibility to review and contact ASC within 30 days of date of invoice. Adjustments against the monthly charges will be processed if justified and appropriate.

NOTE: If the requisition for estimated cost for animal care and services is insufficient to cover actual charges, ASC will continue to assess charges until a new requisition is provided. In addition, if the requisition term date is not renewed – ASC has the discretion to withhold access to animals until a funding source, with appropriate financial pre-approvals, is provided.

Affiliates Subsidies – Process

Boston Medical Center

Boston Medical Center is invoiced on a monthly basis for the operating cost (i.e., utilities and other space allocation costs) attributed to, but not directly included in ASC boarding and feeding rates. The monthly invoice to BMC indicates the School of Medicine’s operation and maintenance (O&M) costs, by Principal Investigator (PI). A copy of each PI invoice (indicates the direct charges as well as the institution’s subsidized amount) is included in the invoice packet.

Payment is due monthly, upon receipt, to the Office of Financial Affairs, Medical Campus, 715 Albany St., 560.

Goldman School of Dental Medicine

The School of Dental Medicine is invoiced on a monthly basis for their share of the operating costs (i.e., utilities and other space allocation cost) attributed, but not directly charged, to ASC as dictated by OMB Circular A-21, Cost Principals for Colleges and Universities). The monthly billing will display the operating cost by Principal Investigator (PI). A copy of each PI invoice (indicates the direct charges as well as the institution’s subsidized amount) is included in the invoice packet.