Animal Ordering


Animal Order Requirements

  1. Valid IACUC protocol number. (Must be valid for the species, number, and USDA Category listed on your animal order).
  2. Valid Authorization for Animal Housing and Special Services Costs Form on file with the LASC.
  3. Animals must be ordered from an approved vendor unless you have prior approval.
  4. A completed LASC Animal Order Form must be submitted by the order deadline.

Approved Vendors and Vendor Catalogs

LASC maintains a list of approved vendors.

Non-approved Vendors

Purchases non-approved vendors will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Importing Animals to BUMC From Another Institution and Quarantine

BUMC/LASC accepts importation of rodents from another institution (non-commercial) that meet a specified Bioexlusion Profile.  A quarantine facility is established to receive imported rodents for the purpose of isolation and performance of diagnostic testing to validate compliance with the Bioexclusion Profile.  The quarantine period is a minimum of 10 weeks.  Limited breeding is authorized during the quarantine period.  Research staff are prohibited from entry into the quarantine facility unless special situation per approval by the Attending Veterinarian and research staff must be escorted by LASC staff.

Investigators who want to import rodents must complete the Rodent Importation Request form. The LASC Veterinary Services will communicate with the originating institution to obtain the required health reports and coordinate the shipping process.

Imported rodents that do not meet the Bioexclusion Profile are not allowed onto the BUMC campus.  Such animals can be quarantined with accompanying rederivation at Charles River Breeding Laboratories (CRL).  If this CRL service is needed, please contact the LASC office.

Please see the Terms and Conditions for details of purchasing and maintaining animals. All animal purchases and all animal shipping arrangements must be made via the LASC.

Animal vendors will not accept orders or changes to orders from research staff.

For additional information on ordering animals in BUworks please click below.

Procedure for Ordering Animals