PPE Requirements

PPE Requirements LACF- CRC

These changes took effect November 3, 2003.  If you have any questions about the changes, please contact the LACF. Questions about your animals should be directed to the Director, Beverly Keniston, ext. 3-5415.

Please note that protective clothing worn in the animal facility may not be worn outside the animal facility, including public areas. Protective clothing requirements are as follows:

Barrier Facility

For entry: disposable lab coats + shoe covers + gloves + face mask
Hair covers are optional in animal rooms.

General LACF

For entry: disposable lab coats + shoe covers
For handling of cages or animals:disposable lab coats + shoe covers+ face mask+ gloves


Requirements for entry into animal rooms are based on risk assessment that includes many factors such as the species, housing mode, immune competence, pathogen status, compliance history, and trafficking of animals, and personnel exposure to animal allergens within the room.


A disposable gown provided by the LACF is required for FACILITY entry.

Wearing a disposable gown into the animal facility offers protection against inadvertent exposure of animals to fomites on your street clothes.  Leaving the gowns in the facility protects against cross-contamination between facilities, and also protects the general public against allergens or other hazards that may be carried on dirty lab coats if investigators were to transit through public areas while wearing or carrying dirty PPE.

Shoe covers: Shoe covers are required for entry into the Both Animal Facilities, but not the Aquarium.   Shoe covers can, when properly used, decrease the risk of disease transmission.  Although the true barrier to pathogen transmission is at the cage level, there will be animals handled outside of the biological safety cabinet without a filter top.

Masks: Masks are required for entry into Barrier Facility.  These are recommended for procedure rooms, cage wash areas, animal rooms because they offer a significant level of protection against dust, aerosolized bedding, etc.