Tomb 101, Tell es-Sa'idiyeh


This fantastic discovery of one of the richest Late Bronze burials to date contains unique information about burial practices in the late thirteenth century. It is also worthwhile comparing this burial to the other burials in the same cemetery as well as earlier and later interments. As you examine the remains, try to answer these questions:

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  • S384/P212. Large storage jar. Red-brown ware. Common type of jar used in trade throughout the levant and usually associated with viticulture.

  • S386/P3214. Large Storage jar. Buff ware with red-brown core. Common domestic type of large jar.

  • S383/P211. Imitation of Mycenaean Pyxis. Form is common in Late Bronze IIB and Iron I.

  • S387/P215. Juglet. Red-brown ware with red-brown slip. This type of juglet has some affinities to the type of single-handle juglet that becomes common in the Iron Age. Several examples of that juglet occur in later burials in this cemetery.

  • S385/P215. Dipper Juglet. Tan ware.

  • S449/M130. Ivory Flask.
  • S448/M129. Ivory Flask. Identical parallels are unknown despite Pritchard's efforts to link it with the ointment tusk from Lachish.
  • S450/M131. Ivory box and cover. Incised decoration on rim. Several good parallels can be cited from Palestine (Lachish and Megiddo) and also Egypt (Minet el-Beida).

  • S451/M132. Ivory Cosmetic Spoon. Swimming girl. Form is well known in Egypt as well as Palestine (Megiddo ivories).

  • S458/J9. Electrum togglepin decorated with herringbone pattern.
  • S459/J10. Electrum togglepin decorated with herringbone pattern.

  • S454.Br9. Bronze laver with two handles riveted on.
  • S455/Br10. Bronze bowl.
  • S456/Br11. Bronze strainer.
  • S568/Br12. Bronze juglet.
  • Parallels to pieces in this set occur in Stratum VI Megiddo, Beth Shan Tomb 90, the Governor's tomb at Tell el-Ajjul and Tomb 229 Farah (S). Flinders Petrie was the first to identify this collection as a wine set..

  • S570/B15. Bronze cauldron. Although the piece has similarities in how the handles are attached to examples from Cyprus, it remains a unique find at the moment.

  • S453/Br8. Bronze tripod. Although some similarities in design to tripods in Cyrpus, this piece has some distinctive features and at the moment is a unique find.

  • S568/Br14. Bronze lamp.