2nd Annual Fit to Be Tied 5K Race/3K Walk on Sunday 5/21

We honor,

And we fight!

I would like to announce our 2nd Annual Fit To Be Tied 5K Race/3K Walk on Sunday, May 21st at Onondaga Lake Park, in memory of my husband, Bob Palmer, who died of Amyloidosis. This very rare disease occurs when abnormal protein fibrils ┬áproduced by the bone marrow, gets deposited in major organs like the kidneys or heart. This terrible disease affects about 3000 people in the United States. My husband was such a healthy, person, biking 2 hours every day in retirement, after years of running. The cause of the disease is not really known, and neither is the cure. They are expanding life expectancies for individuals with Amyloidosis, offering treatments based on solid research at a few sites across our country. Boston University’s Amyloidosis Center, where Bob received intensive treatment, is a major treatment and research center, and all race money goes directly for Amyloidosis research there. So go visit our 2017 updated Webpage at fittobetied.org and start looking for a crazy tie to wear. Bob always wore colorful ties to school in his career as a school psychologist. Get ready to be Fit To Be Tied, May 21, 2017!


Floris Palmer, wife of Bob Palmer

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