Summer 2014

Summer II (July 28th – August 14th)

CAS AM 200 – Introduction to American Studies.  Topic for Summer 2014: Touring New England. Intensive three week course. Investigates the multi-faceted themes of American society and culture through a survey of the history of New England tourism. The rise of New England tourism in the early nineteenth century led to a flourishing of literature, art, and mythology that shaped, and continues to shape, the way Americans understand their environment. Through an examination of novels, paintings, guidebooks, architecture, and other cultural artifacts, this course seeks to understand the role tourism plays in defining American experiences. Emma Newcombe, Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 12:30pm – 4:00pm.


CAS AM 371 – Seeing and Reading Boston, 1630-Present. Historical exploration of Boston’s art, architecture, and literature. With frequent walking tours in and around the city, students confront specific neighborhoods that also appear in the literature. Independent research leading to a class presentation and final paper. This course covers the same material as was previously offered under the title of Art and Architecture in Boston, 1630 to the Present. Sam Shupe, Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 12:30pm – 4:00pm.