Spring 2009

CAS AM 200 A1 Intro to American Studies An introductory seminar to the ideas, methods, and historical materials in American Studies. Interdisciplinary readings explore the evolution of the field and analyze the ways in which American national purpose has been idealized over time in art, film, and literature. Queen TR 11:00-12:30

CAS AM 250 A1 American Visual Culture in the Great Depression The course examines the visual culture of the 1930s and how different visual media (painting, photography, advertising, architecture) approached the subject of hard times during the Great Depression.  We will be examining major figures of the era in each of these categories, but also looking at vernacular and non-canonical works in order to better understand the period as lived experience. Root MWF 12:00-1:00

*AM 250 carries Writing Program credit for CAS WR 150.

CAS AM 502 A1 Special Topics in American Studies: American Landscapes This course uses the idea of landscape as an interdisciplinary lens for exploring American culture.  We will examine the physical and metaphorical landscape of America across time, including the concepts of wilderness, frontier, the pastoral, and region. Sewell F 11:00-2:00

CAS AM 553 Documenting Historic Buildings Seminar in architectural and landscape recording techniques involving readings, fieldwork, and writing; projects include research on individual buildings as well as groups of resources. Emphasis on research design and evaluation of evidence.  Also offered as MET AM 553 C1. Dempsey W 2:00-5:00