Dissertations: 1972-1979



Robert Mackay: “The Charles Street Jail: Hegemony of a Design.” (David Hall)


Clarice Poirier: “The Pemberton Mills, 1852-1938: A Case Study of the Industrial and Labor History of Lawrence, MA.” (John Armstrong)

Claudia Bushman: “Harriet Hanson Robinson and her Family: A Chronicle of 19th Century New England Life.” (David Hall)

Mary Hornbeck: “The Development of Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass.” (William Vance)


Lori Crumpacker: “The Journals of Esther Burr.” (Norman Pettit)

C.T. Wright: “The Development of Education for Blacks in Georgia.” (Robert Bushman)

Mary Ellen Hayward: “Dwight A. W. Tryon: An American Landscape Painter.” (David Hall)

Eugenia Kaledin: “The Education of Clover Adams.” (John Brinner)

Lynn Weiner: “From the Working Girl to the Working Mother: The Debate over Women, Work, and Morality in the US 1820-1980.” (Sam Bass Warner)


Richard Sheils: “The Evangelical Persuasion: Clerical Rhetoric in Connecticut’s Second Great Awakening 1790-1820.” (David Hall)


Richard Lebeaux: “‘Young Man Thoreau’: A Psychological Study of Henry David Thoreau’s Pre-Walden Life and Writings.” (Norman Pettit)


Mary Walsh: “Sexual Barriers in the Medical Profession: A Case Study of Boston Women Physicians 1835-1973.” (Richard Bushman)

John Garner: “The Model Company Town in New England: Hopedale and the New Town Tradition.” (David Hall)


Margaret Floyd: “A Terra-Cotta Corenerstone for Copley Square: An Assessment of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston by Sturgis and Brigham (1879-1876) in the Context of its English Technological and Stylistic Origins.” (James O’Gorman)


W. Anthony Gangarelli: “The Resistance Spokesmen: Opponents of the Red Scare 1919-1921.” (John Armstrong)


Recent Dissertations