Dissertations: 1980-1989



Mo-Ying Lee: “A Synthesized Creation: Hu Shih and his Reconstruction of Chinese History.” (David Hall)

Martha McNamara: “Disciplining Justice: Massachusetts Courthouses and the Legal Profession 1750-1850.” (Robert St. George)

Mary Panzer: “Romantic Origins of American Realism: Photography, Art and Letters in Philadelphia 1850-1875.” (Carl Chiarenza)


Elisabeth Hurth: “In His Name: Comparative Studies in the Quest for the Historical Jesus.” (David Hall)

Kate Wittenstein: “The Heterodoxy Club and American Feminisim, 1912-1930.” (David Hall)


Jeffrey Halprin: “Getting Back to Work: The Revaluation of Work in Literature and Sociology 1950-1985.” (William Vance)

Elizabeth Kornhauser: “Ralph Earl: Toward an American Plain Style.” (Patricia Hills)

Komla Messan Nubukpo: “American Literature through Their Sister’s Eyes.” (Millicent Bell)


Terrie Doppaamodt: “Righteous Armies, Holy Cause, Apocalyptic Imagery and the Civil War.” (Cecilia Tichi)

Marilyn Halter: “Cape Verdean American Immigration and Patterns of Settlement, 1860-1940.” (Sam Bass Warner)

Sarah Junkin: “The Europeanization of Henry Bacon 1839-1912: American Expatriate Painter.” (Patricia Hills)


Jan Seidler Ramirez: “A Critical Reappraisal of the Career of William Wetmore Story 1819-1895: American Sculptor and Man of Letters.” (David Hall)

Richard Cote: “The Architectural Workmen of Thomas Jefferson in Virginia.” (Abbott Cummings)

Margaret Creighton: “Private Life of Jack Tar: Sailors at Sea in the 19th Century.” (Keith Morgan)

Jean Follett-Thompson: “The Business of Architecture: William Gibbons Preston and Architectural Professionalism in Boston during the Second Half of the 19th Century.” (Keith Morgan)


Beverly Brandt: “‘Mutually Helpful Relations’: Architects, Craftsmen, and the Society of Arts and Crafts, Boston 1897-1917.” (Jonathan Fairbanks)

Carol Kiler Doreski: “All the Conditions of Existence: A Study of Elizabeth Bishop.” (Helen Vendler)

Sheila Hones: “Geosophy, Literature, and the Figurative Landscape.” (William Vance)

Joon Hoy: “The Publication and Distribution of Books among New England Quakers 1775-1836.” (David Hall)

Edward Zimmer: “The Architectural Career of Alexander Parris, 1780-1852.” (Keith Morgan)

Phillip Zimmerman: “Ecclesiastical Architecture in the Reformed Tradition in Rockingham County , New Hampshire 1790-1860.” (Abbott Cummings)


Martin Blatt: “Anarchism of Ezra Heywood 1829-1893: Abolition, Labor Reform, and Free Love.” (Robert Bruce)

Edward S. Cooke, Jr.: “Rural Artisanal Culture: The Pre-Industrial Joiners of Newtown and Woodbury, Connecticut, 1760-1820.” (James Henretta)

James Garvin: “The Architecture of the Piscataqua Region of New Hampshire and Mine, 1715-1915.” (Abbott Cummings)

Janet Golden: “From Breast to Bottle: The End of Wet Nursing in Boston 1867 – 1927.” (Diana Long Holl)

Susan Walton: “To Preserve the Faith: Catholic Charities in Boston, 1870-1930” (Robert Bushman)

Barbara Ward: “The Craftsman in the Changing Society: Boston Goldsmiths, 1690-1730.” (Abbott Cummings)

Gerald Ward: “Silver and Society in Salem, MA, 1630-1820: A Case Study of the Consumer and the Craft.” (Abbott Cummings)


Marlou Belyea: “The Joy Ride and the Silver Screen: Commercial Leisure, Delinquency and Play Reform in Los Angeles, 1900-1980.” (Sam Bass Warner)

William Doreski: “Vision and Seeing in Robert Lowell’s Later Poetry.” (Helen Vendler)

Judithea Douglas-Speidel: “The Theater and Early Romanticism in America.” (William Vance)

Barbara Hobson: “Sex in the Marketplace: Prostitution in an American City, Boston, 1820-1880.” (Aileen Kratidor)

Susan Reverby: “‘The Nursing Disorder’: A Critical history of the Hospital-Nursing relationship 1861-1945.” (Sam Bass Warner)


Maren Stange: “American Documentary Photography: The Mode and Its Style 1900-1943.” (Carl Chiarenza)

Louise Stevenson: “Scholarly Means to Evangelical Ends: The New Haven Scholars 1840-1890.” (David Hall)

Edith Tonelli: “The Massachuestts Federal Art Project: A Case Study in Government Support for Art.” (Patricia Hills)

Elizabeth Rinehardt: “In the Name of the Family: Suburbanization and the Rural Domestic in Lexington MA 1875-1915.” (James Henretta)

Susan Geib: “Changing Works: Agriculture and Industrial Preconditions in Brookfield MA 1785-1820.” (Richard Bushman)

Trevor Fairbrother: “John Singer Sargent and America.” (Theodore E. Stebbins, Jr.)

Charles Hammond: “Where the Arts and Virtues Unite: Country Life near Boston, 1637-1864.” (Richard Candee)


Charles Hambrick-Stone: “The Practice of Piety: Puritan Devotional Disciplines in 17th Century New England.” (David Hall)

Lynn Weiner: “From the Working Girl to the Working Mother: The Debate over Women, Work, and Morality in the US 1820-1980.” (Sam Bass Warner)


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