Recent Dissertations


Evan Barros: “Sonic Utopia and Social Dystopia in the Music of Hendrix, Reznor, and Deadmau5″ (Victor Coelho)

Paul Hutchinson: “Crafting an Outdoor Classroom: The Nineteenth-Century Roots of the Outdoor Education Movement” (Nina Silber)

Mary Potorti: “For Food, For Freedom”: The Black Freedom Struggle and the Politics of Food”

Casey Riley : “From Page to Stage: Isabella Stewart Gardner’s Photograph Albums and the Development of her Museum, 1874-1924″ (Kim Sichel)

Karen Robbins: “Discipline and Polish: Designing the ‘Family System’ at the Connecticut Industrial School for Girls, 1868-1921” (Keith Morgan)

George Schwartz: “‘Collecting and Arranging…a History of the Globe': A Reconsideration of the Salem East India Marine Society and Antebellum American Museology” (Keith Morgan)


Michael D’Alessandro: “Staged Readings: Sensationalism and Class in Popular American Literature and Theatre, 1835-1875″ (Laura Korobkin)

Virginia Myhaver: “The ‘New American Revolution': Cultural Politics, New Federalism and the 1976 Bicentennial” (Bruce Schulman)

Brian Sirman: “Concrete Dreams: Architecture, Politics, and Boston’s New City Hall” (Keith Morgan)

Zachary Violette: “The Decorated Tenement: Working-class Housing in Boston and New York, 1860-1910″ (Keith Morgan)


Jared Champion: “Suffering Masculinity Like Illness: Gender Fictions and Cultural Traumas, 1880-1950″ (Robert Chodat)

Michael Civille: “Illusions of Prestige: Hemingway, Hollywood, and the Branding of an American Self-Image, 1923 – 1958″ (Roy Grundmann)

John Stuart Gordon: “Lurelle Guild’s Historical Modernism: Americana and Industrial Design” (Keith M. Morgan)

Eric Jarvis: “The Metropolis of Discontent: Chicago and the Evolution of Modern Liberalism, 1890-1920″ (Bruce Schulman)

Dean Lampros: “Like a Real Home: The Residential Funeral Home and America’s Changing Vernacular Landscape, 1910 – 1960″  (Richard Candee)

Jessica Roscio: “Photographic Domesticity: The Home/Studios of Alice Austen, Catherine Weed Barnes Ward, and Frances Benjamin Johnston, 1885-1915 (Kim Sichel)

Patricia Stuelke: “The Making of the Affective Turn: U.S. Imperialism and the Privatization of Dissent in the 1980’s.”(John T. Matthews)


Anthony Buccitelli: “’Southie is My Hometown’: The Translocal and Transnational Production of Space and the Folklore of Ethnic Neighborhoods” (Marilyn Halter)

Kerri Greenidge: “Bulwark of the Nation: The Northern Black Press, Political Radicalism, and Northern Civil Rights, 1859-1919″ (Nina Silber)

Gillian Mason: “Censorship, Obscenity, and American Culture: 1970-1986″ (Susan Mizruchi)

Ruth Ann Murray: “Through their Stomachs: Serving Up Shaker to the World’s People” (Mary Beaudry)

Colin Root: “‘Living on the Level”: The Significance of Horizontality in Shaping Cold-War America” (Keith Morgan)

Francine Weiss: “Visual Verses: Edward Weston’s Photographs for Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass, 1941-1942” (Patricia Hills)


Beth Bennett: “A Picture of Moral Agency: Subduing the Victim in Richard Wright’s Prose, Film, and Photography.” (Gene Jarrett)

Molly Geidel: “The Point of the Lance: Gender, Development, and the 1960s Peace Corps.” (Nina Silber)

Diane Hotton-Somers: “Re-Envisioning Identities: Ethnicity and Cultural Nationalism in Irish and American Drama 1899-1939.” (Susan Mizruchi)

Christine Hult-Lewis: “The Mining Photographs of Carleton Watkins, 1858-1891 and the Origins of Corporate Photography.” (Kim Sichel)

John Metz: “‘Room for Improvement, but No Room for Progress': The Material Basis of the Economic and Social Transformation of Middle Georgia, 1880-1910″ (Lou Ferleger)


Elizabeth Hope Cushing: “The Road to Williamsburg: Crafting the Career of Arthur A. Shurcliff.” (Keith Morgan)

Carney Maley: “Flying the ‘Un-friendly Skies': American Flight Attendant Activism in the 1960’s-1980’s.” (Bruce Schulman)

Veronica Savory McComb: “The Bonds of Faith: Religion and Community amoun Nigerian Immigrants to the U.S., 1965-present.” (Marilyn Halter)

Timothy Orwig: “‘Material Things Worth While': Joseph Everett Chandler, The Colonial Revival, and the Preservation Movement.” (Keith Morgan)

Miriam Michelle Robinson: “Places for Dead Bodies: Race Labor and Detection in American Literature.” (John Matthews)


Laura D’Amore: “Supermom: Feminism, Motherhood, and the Superheroine.” (Jessica Sewell)

Charlotte Emans Moore: “Art as Text, War as Context: The Art Gallery of the Metropolitan Fair, New York City’s Artistic Community, and the Civil War.” (Patricia Hills)


Rebekah Burgess: “Collecting Agency: Reversing the Camera’s Gaze in Early Twentieth-Century Lowell, Massachusetts.” (Kim Sichel)

Hannah Carlson: “Pockets, Possessions, and the Ordering of Things.” (Susan Mizruchi)

Emily Murphy: “‘To Keep Our Trading For Our Livelihood': The Derby Family of Salem, Massachusetts, and Their Rise to Power in the British Atlantic World.” (Jon Roberts)


Abigail Carroll: “‘Colonial Custard’ and ‘Pilgrim Soup': Culinary Nationalism and the Colonial Revival.” (Jessica Sewell)

Desiree Garcia: “‘There’s No Place Like Home': Race Cinema, Migration, and the Hollywood Musical, 1900-1950.” (Marilyn Halter)

Stephen Hodin: “Jefferson’s Ghost: Slavery, Machinery, and the Haunting of the Literary Imagination in Antebellum America.” (Susan Mizruchi)

Ella Howard: “Skid Row: Homelessness on the Bowery in the Twentieth Century.” (Bruce Schulman)

Aaron Lecklider: “Brainpower: Intelligence in American Culture from Einstein to the Egghead.” (Bruce Schulman)

Katherine Stebbins-McCaffrey: “Reading Glasses: American Spectacles in the Age of Franklin.” (Jill Lepore)


Laura Driemeyer: “Rising from the Ashes: The Transformation of 19th Century Building Culture in Charlestown, MA.” (Keith Morgan)

Karin Goldstein: “From Pilgrims to Poverty: Biography of an Urban Renewal Neighborhood in Plymouth, Massachusetts.” (Bruce Schulman)

Johnny Lew: “Travels in a World-Economy: Varieties of Subjectivity in Travel Writing, 1492-1666.” (Susan Mizruchi)

Kavita Ramdya: “Bollywood Weddings: Accruing Symbolic Ethnic Capital in Second-Generation Indian-American Hindu Matrimonials.” (Stephen Prothero)

Paul Schmitz: “D’Agostino Supermarkets, from Pushcart to Product: Family and Ethnicity as Cultural Currency.” (Marilyn Halter)


Elif S. Armbruster: “Reading in Three Dimensions: Domestic Architecture and American Authorship from Harriet Beecher Stowe to Edith Wharton.” (Susan Mizruchi)

Diane Jacobsohn: “Boston’s ‘Three-Decker Menace': The Buildings, the Builders, and the Dwellers, 1870-1930.” (Richard Candee)

John Tessitore: “Whitmania: The Poetics of Free Religion.” (Susan Mizruchi)


Brian Carso: “‘Whom Can We Trust Now?': The Meaning of Treason in the United States, from the Revolution through the Civil War.” (Gerald Leonard)

Bradley Queen: “Conservatism and the Logic of American Consumer Democracy, 1938-1976.” (Marilyn Halter)

Janine Skerry: “Silver at Harvard College from its Founding to the Revolution.” (Bruce Schulman)


Elysa Engelman: “The Face that Haunts Me Ever: Consumers, Retailers, Critics, and the Branded Personality of Lydia E. Pinkham.” (Bruce Schulman)

Kathleen Lawrence: “Aesthetic Transcendentalism and its Legacy: Margaret Fuller, William Wetmore Story, and Henry James.” (Susan Mizruchi)


Paul S. D’Ambrosio: Ralph Fasanella (1914-1917) The Making of a Working Class Artist. (Patricia Hills)

Thomas Andrew Denenberg: Consumed by the Past: Wallace Nutting and the Invention of Old America. (Richard Candee)

Jennifer R. Green: Books and Bayonets: Class and Culture at Antebellum Military Academies. (Nina Silber)

Laura Johnson: Courting Justice: Marriage, Law, and the American Novel, 1890-1925. (John Matthews)


Bradford Martin: “The Theatre in the Street: Art and Cultural Groups in the 1960s.” (Bruce Schulman)

Jonathon Vogles: “Outrageous Acts of Faith: The Films of Albert and David Maysles, 1982-1986.” (Bruce Schulman)

Bryan Waterman: “The Friendly Club of New York City: Industries Of Knowledge in the Early Republic.” (Susan Mizruchi)