Spring 2011 MA Courses

This schedule is subject to change.  For the most accurate information concerning other programs and departments, consult the University Class Schedule online: www.bu.edu/studentlink, as well as each department’s own website.  Graduate students may not take courses below the 500 level for credit.

American Studies

CAS AM 502 – Special Topics in American Studies: American Landscapes: This course uses the idea of landscape as an interdisciplinary lens to survey American culture. We will examine the physical and metaphorical landscape of America across time. In this course, we will explore how we have shared the landscape, used it to define ourselves as a nation, and asked it to serve as a resource, a religion, a symbol, and setting. Sewell. W 1:00-4:00pm

CAS AM 502 – Special Topics in American Studies: Building Archaeology: New Approaches to the Study of Early American Architecture. New research and rigorous methods challenge long-held assumptions and uncover intriguing histories and meanings of early American buildings and landscapes. Dempsey. R 1:00-4:00pm

History of Art and Architecture

CAS AH 580 – Architectural Technology and Materials: An introduction to the history of architectural construction, technologies, and materials, and their consequences in the built environment. Students receive a practical understanding of the building process and of its social and cultural contexts. Brown. F 9-12.

GRS AH 892 – Approaches to Architectual History: Introducation to the theory and practice of architectural history.  Readings explore varied approaches to interpreting architecture; assignments develop skills of informed and careful architectual analysis.  Scrivano.  T 10-12.


GRS AR 810 – International Heritage Management: Investigations of issues in archaeological heritage management at the international level.  Approaches, challenges, and solutions to problems in the identification, evaluation, conservation, management, and interpretation of archaeological resources.  Focus on specific topics (e.g. legislation) and/or geographical regions.  Mughal.  W 10-1.

Urban Affairs

MET UA 613 – Designing Urban Space: The role of urban design in the community development process.  Examines human behavior, aesthetic foundations of design methods, citizen/client participation, and public policy issues.  Analysis of actual community spaces.  Student design exercises.  Dutta-koehle.  W 6-9

MET UA 629 – Urbanization and the Environment: Interrelationships between physical environment and processes of urbanization.  Case studies develop historical perspective on social, economic, and physical aspects of the quality of urban life.  Special attention to the preparation of environmental impact statements and assessment of urban environmental quality.  Gaertner.  W 6-9.

Please note:  Students are encouraged to review other courses in these departments and to consult with their advisors.