Fall 2020 Graduate Courses

American Studies

Special Topics in American Studies: CAS AM 501
F 11:15-2:00pm
Prof. Jan Haenraets
Topic for Fall 2020: ReThink: Adaptive Reuse and Revitalization. Adaptive reuse and revitalization of historical places has become indispensable towards achieving healthy, sustainable and vibrant built environments. The course critically explores and analyzes American examples of completed projects and the employed approaches towards design and managing change. Effective Fall 2020, this course fulfills a single unit in each of the following BU Hub areas: Aesthetic Exploration, Historical Consciousness.

Places of Memory: History Preservation Theory and Practice: CAS AM 546
T 3:30-6:15pm
Prof. Daniel Bluestone
Covers key aspects of the history, theory, and practice of historic preservation. Preservation is discussed in the context of cultural history and the changing relationship between existing buildings and landscapes and attitudes toward history, memory, invented tradition, and place. Also offered as CAS AH 546 and CAS HI 546.

Boston Architectural and Community History Workshop: CAS AM 555
W 2:30-5:15pm
Prof. Daniel Bluestone
Focuses on class readings, lectures, and research on a single neighborhood or community in Boston (or Greater Boston). Greatest emphasis is on using primary sources– land titles and deeds, building permits, fire insurance atlases and other maps. Topic for Fall 2020: Somerville Project. Explores the architectural and urban transformation of Somerville from agricultural fields, country estates, to an area of dense urban settlement and industrial development. Explores places and sources that help assess and narrate the rich history of architectural and urban development.

The Literature of American Studies: GRS AM 736
M 2:30-5:15pm
Prof. Anita Patterson
Introduction to classic problems in the interpretation of American society and culture. Required of all American Studies PhD students.

Material Culture: GRS AM 867
T 12:30-3:15pm
Prof. William Moore
Introduction to the theory and practice of the interdisciplinary study of material culture, which includes everything we make and use, from food and clothing to art and buildings. Explore contemporary scholarship from a range of disciplines. Also offered as GRS AH 867.


Affiliated Departments

This is only a sampling of courses. Please visit the individual department websites for complete course offerings. Note: Graduate students must take classes at the 500+ level.

African American Studies

African American and Asian American Women Writers: CAS AA 504
F 11:15am-2:00pm
Prof. Boelcskevy

Inequality and American Politics: CAS AA 519
Th 8:00-10:45am
Prof. Einstein

Black Thought: Literary and Cultural Criticism in the African Diaspora: CAS AA 591
MW 12:20-1:35pm
Prof. Chude-Sokei

African American History: GRS AA 871
MWF 10:10-11:00am
Prof. Austin



The Modern American. Novel: CAS EN 546
T/Th 11:00am-12:15pm
Prof. Matthews

Film and Media Theory: CAS EN 569
TTh 2:00-3:30pm
Prof. Foltz

Accounting for Literature in 19th-Century America & Britain: GRS EN 745
M 2:30-5:15pm
Prof. Rivera

Queer Theory: GRS EN 785
Th 12:30-3:15pm
Prof. Rivera


Film and Television

True Crime: COM FT 554 
Sections/Topics TBD

American Masterworks: COM FT 722
TTh 9:00-11:30am
Prof. Grundmann



The Transformation of Early New England: Witches, Whalers, and Warfare: CAS HI 506
W 2:30-5:15pm
Prof. McConville

The Birth of Modern America, 1896-1929: CAS HI 575
Th 3:30-6:15pm
Prof. Shorten

US-Mexican Borders: CAS HI 587
W 2:30-5:15pm
Prof. Rubin


History of Art & Architecture

Digital Curation: CAS AH 507
T 12:30-3:15pm
Prof. Hall
Topic for Fall 2020: Towards National Parks: Art and Nature, Nature and Nation

The Museum and Historical Agency: CAS AH 520
Th 12:30-3:15pm
Prof. Hall

Topics in Art and Society: CAS AH 527 B1
F 12:30-3:15pm
Prof. Barrett
Topic for Fall 2020: Picturing Property: Real Estate in American Visual Culture

Twentieth-Century Architecture: GRS AH 893
W 10:10-11:55am
Prof. Abramson
Topic for Fall 2020: Governance and Governmentality



Gender, Sexuality, and Judaism: GRS RN 637
T 3:30-6:15pm
Prof. Klepper

Cults and Charisma: GRS RN 709
TTh 12:30-1:45pm
Prof. Frankfurter

Topics in American Religion: GRS RN 727
M 2:30-5:15pm
Prof. Prothero
Topic for Fall 2020: TBD



Ethnic, Race, and Minority Relations: GRS SO 808
W 2:30-5:15pm
Prof. Stone