Dear AMNESP students,

Please know that the AMNESP faculty and staff have been thinking about you during these difficult times. Our current situation is unprecedented and we are aware that the global health crisis has increased the difficulty of this semester. However, please let me also offer to you words of reassurance.

While Boston University has taken the anxiety-producing steps of canceling all face-to-face instruction to promote the health of the community, many other aspects of institutional life have not changed. This includes the payment of stipends, the scheduling of examinations and defenses, and the day-to-day work of education. During these stressful days, we can continue to read, research, discuss, and write, even if we cannot gather together to do so. Boston University is a strong and flexible institution; we will make it through this crisis.

Keeping yourself (and the community) healthy by practicing social distancing is the first priority. Also, however, it is also critically important that you take care of yourself mentally and emotionally during this difficult time. Concentrate on your work if you find it productive to do so, but also combat the inherent stress of the current situation by allowing yourself to focus on other things. Deadlines can be shifted and rescheduled.

With things changing constantly and threatening news pouring down upon us, envisioning a return to normalcy is difficult. Yet, we can also be sure that the current crisis will pass.

Please know that I continue to be available to you, even if we are not spending as much time as usual on Bay State Road. You can reach me by email and we can chat by phone or through Zoom. Please let me know if I can help you with anything. Program administrator Julia Kline ( is also willing and happy to talk and possibly help to solve problems.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that this crisis will pass quickly, but I am here for you for the duration.


Sincerely yours,

William D. Moore
Director, American & New England Studies Program
Associate Professor of American Material Culture
Department of History of Art & Architecture
Boston University
(617) 353-9913

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