Featured Courses-Spring 2014

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November 1st, 2013

CAS AM/HI 313: Internships in Public History
Dempsey, T 5:30-7:30
226 Bay State Rd, Seminar Room 110
This course will introduce students to the ideas and practices of public history through placements in public history internships and through the organized discussion of those internships in a classroom setting. Students will have the opportunity to undertake supervised work in Boston-area institutions dedicated to this public presentation of the past. They also meet with the instructor to discuss themes in public history theory and practice that, together with the internship experience and related readings, inform a final research project and class presentation.

The following have already agreed to participate in this class: Massachusetts Historical Society, National Park Service, Historic New England, Paul Revere Memorial Association, Old South Meetinghouse, Vilna Schul, Boston’s City Archaeologist, Cambridge Historical Commission, and the Gibson House. More to come in the future! Contact: Claire W. Dempsey
AM/HI 313 Flyer

CAS AM 502: American Cultural Landscape
Moore, Thurs 2pm-5pm
226 Bay State Rd, Seminar Room 110
This interdisciplinary research seminar challenges students to interpret the built environment as evidence of human activity. Buildings, landscapes, transportation networks, and religious compounds are examined as carriers of historical and cultural meaning. The field’s historiography will also be addressed. Contact: William D. Moore

CAS AM/AH 553: Documenting Historic Buildings and Landscapes
Dempsey,  Thurs 10am-1pm
226 Bay State Rd, Seminar Room 110
This seminar course is design to train students in architectural research techniques through supervised reading, fieldwork, and writing. Course work introduces students to the skills needed to conduct research on both individual resources and groups of resources, clustered within an area or scattered throughout the community. Emphasizing efficiency and reliability in its consideration of sources and methods, discussion helps students develop reasonable research designs and carefully evaluated evidence.  To tests the approaches and sample the sources introduced during the semester, students in the seminar participate in a research project to document a particular building or group of buildings. See AM/HI 313 for professor contact info.
AM 553 Flyer