Caregiving Resources

Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) presents some unique challenges and responsibilities, which can sometimes be stressful and overwhelming.  As a caregiver, your interactions with a loved one affected by AD may require some additional attention and support. Below are some helpful links to guide you in caring for your loved one while preserving your own mental and physical health.




Caregiver Health

Mid – Late – Stage – Care


Additional Resources

If you currently caring for someone affected by AD or a related dementia and you are interested in participating in a support group, please consider contacting your local Alzheimer’s Association for more information. The Massachusetts/New Hampshire Alzheimer’s Association operates more than 150 support groups. Also, Stonewall Farm is an award winning Bed and Breakfast and is now a respite retreat. They offer onsite services, massage therapy, Reiki, yoga instruction and classes, a grief counselor and support groups.