Community Education and Outreach

The BU ADC supports numerous educational and service efforts focused on African Americans and Alzheimer’s disease (AD), including the following:

Community Action Council

The mission of the Community Action Council (CAC) is to strengthen the ability of BU ADC staff and faculty to (a) conduct quality, inclusive research by ensuring adequate representation of African American participants in both the Health Outreach Program for the Elderly (HOPE) registry and other studies, (b) meet Education & Outreach Core goals, especially with regard to the needs and concerns of African American communities, and (c) increase community awareness of AD and current treatments and lifestyle factors.

With assistance from the CAC, the BU ADC has identified community groups with interest in our work (e.g., 60+ Veterans’ Group, Mattapan Family Services, and the Harriet Tubman House). Skilled speakers, such as BU ADC research registry participant Lillian Christmas and CAC chair Valerie Nolen, have provided community groups with educational presentations.

CAC member Al Davis, seen with BU ADC director Dr. Neil Kowall

Community Action Council members Alfred Davis (Boston Housing Authority) and Neil Kowall (BU ADC).

Educational Forums

In addition to our education outreach through the CAC, we support important events such as the Alzheimer’s Association’s Annual African American Caregiver Forum, directed by CAC member Michael Kincade (pictured at left with Dr. Nancy Emerson Lombardo). This event, the largest of its kind in the country, provides health education to approximately 300 attendees each year.

Memory Assessment Clinics

Our memory assessment clinics, located at the BU Medical Campus in the South End/Roxbury part of Boston, provide clinical services to racially and ethnically diverse populations.