Assessment of the Elderly Driver

This self-learning module, which provides clinicians with continuing medical education (CME) credit, focuses on functional assessment of older drivers.  A video reviews the case study of a patient with cognitive changes and how clinicians can apply the Assessment of Driving Related Skills (ADReS) tool. This practical, seven-item tool was developed by the American Medical Association Foundation and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Objectives: At the conclusion of this self-learning module participants will be able to:

  1. List the seven elements that comprise the ADReS tool to conduct a functional assessment of the older driver, and
  2. Apply the ADReS components to evaluate the risk of driving in a case presentation of an older driver.

Audience: Clinical staff in primary care, geriatric and neurology settings.


Richard Marottoli, MD
Staff Physician, VA Connecticut HCS
Associate Professor, Yale University School of Medicine

Shirley M. Neitch, MD, FACP
Chief, Sections of Geriatrics and General Internal Medicine
Professor of Medicine
Marshall University/Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine

Accreditation: ACCME
Hours Earned: 1

E-module Directions:

  1. Read the brochure handout, which lists the objectives for the e-module and requirements to receive CME credit.
  2. Watch the video presentation. PowerPoint slides that coincide with the video are available for download.
  3. Optional: The Chapter 3 handout provides additional information about the items in the ADReS tool.  The Resources handout provides additional information, such as links to state reporting laws and tools to give to patients and families.
  4. Complete the Registration and Evaluation Form and submit by email, fax or mail to the address listed in brochure.


Questions about this program can be directed to Dr. Kathy Horvath at