Christine Chaisson, MPH

Christine Chaisson

Director, Data Coordinating Center and Data Management Core

Phone: 617.638.5009
Fax: 617.638.5066
Location: 580 Harrison Ave, 2nd Floor



Christine Chaisson is the Director (Acting) of the Data Coordinating Center (DCC). The DCC has been a data management resource center for the Boston University Medical Center community since 1984, and has managed over 400 research projects. The 30 member staff of the DCC consists of statistical and database programmers, web developers, and data managers with expertise in study design, implementation of study protocols, development of computerized and web-based data collection and tracking systems, quality control procedures, and statistical analyses.

Research Interests

Ms. Chaisson’s research interests include statistical methodology, data management, good clinical practices, electronic data capture methodologies, and study design. As Director of the Data Coordinating Center (DCC) at the BUSPH, she is responsible for overseeing the progress of 30 research data analysts working on over 20 different research projects providing data management, database and web programming, and statistical analyses.

ADC Role

Ms. Chaisson currently oversees the Data Core for the BU ADC project, Health Outreach for the Elderly (HOPE). Her team has created several database applications for HOPE, such as a subject tracking system; a longitudinal database for annual subject assessments; a data entry and reporting system for the Neuropathology Core; and a database and reporting system for referring potential subjects to BU ADC research projects.

Selected Publications

Zhang YQ, Chaisson CE, McAlindon T, Woods R, Hunter DJ, Nei JB, Neogi T, Felson DT.  The online case crossover study is a novel approach to study triggers for recurrent disease flare. J Clin Epidemiol. 2007 Jan; 60(1): 50-5. [PDF]

Zhang YQ, Woods R, Chaisson CE, Neogi T,Niu JB, McAlindon TE, Hunter DJ. Alcohol consumption as a trigger of recurrent gout attacks. Am J Med 2006 Sep; 119(9): 800e13-8. [PDF]

Hunter DJ, York M, Chaisson CE, Woods R, Niu BJ, Zhang YQ. Recent Diuretic Use and the Risk of Recurrent Gout Attacks: The Online Case-Crossover Gout Study. J Rheumatol. 2006 Jul: 33(7): 1341-45. [PDF]

Neogi T, Hunter DJ, Chaisson CE, Allensworth-Davies D, Zhang Y. Frequency and predictors of inappropriate management of recurrent gout attacks in a longitudinal study. Journal of Rheumatology. 2006 Jan; 33(1): 104-09. [PDF]

Flores G, Abreu M, Chaisson C, Meyers A, Sachdeva R, Fernandez H, Francisco P, Diaz B, Diaz AM, Santos-Guerrero I. A Randomized Controlled Trial of the Effectiveness of Community-Based Case Management in Insuring Uninsured Latino Children. Pediatrics 2005 Dec; 116(6): 1433-41. [PDF]