Kathy Horvath, PhD, RN

Kathy Horvath

Co-Investigator, Education & Outreach Core

Phone: 781-687-2006
Fax: 781-687-3520
Email: Kathy.Horvath@med.va.gov
Location: E.N. Rogers Memorial Veterans Hospital, 200 Springs Road (151), Bedford, MA 01730



Horvath received her undergraduate and clinical education at Rutgers University College of Nursing and University of Colorado School of Nursing. She received her doctorate in nursing science from Boston College School of Nursing. Prior to joining the ADCC and the Geriatric Research Education and Clinical Center (GRECC), Dr. Horvath was Director of Nursing Scholarship and Professional Development at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Currently, Dr. Horvath is the Associate Director for Education and Program Evaluation at the New England GRECC, with divisions in Boston and Bedford, MA. She is also Adjunct Associate Professor at Northeastern University, School of Nursing.

Research Interests

Dr. Horvath’s research interests are focused on care of the person with Alzheimer’s disease in home and community settings. She recently completed a clinical trial of a Home Safety Toolkit intervention for environmental modifications to prevent injury in the home. She has a special interest in dementia family support interventions and health literacy to promote self-management of health-related behaviors.

ADC Role

As part of the Education & Outreach Core, Dr. Horvath leads educational training for interdisciplinary service providers and outreach efforts to the lay community. To support professional education, Dr. Horvath develops conferences that are posted on this website and the GRECC national website. Dr. Horvath’s current work is focusing on e-learning modalities to deliver, reinforce and evaluate learning activities. This work is integrated with VHA initiatives in distance learning, including the GRECC monthly audio-conferences, archived at http://greccaudio.geriu.org/.Dr. Horvath has developed the family caregiver guide, “Making the Home Safer for a Person with Memory Loss”, which can be downloaded from this website on the patient, family and caregiver resources page. This research-based booklet, uses established principles of health literacy and focuses on the high severity/high frequency risks for accidents and injuries in the home.

Recent Publications

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