Alpaslan Dedeoglu, MD, PhD

Alpaslan Dedeoglu

Associate Professor of Neurology
Director, Translational Neurotherapeutics Laboratory

Phone: 857.364.6783
Fax: 857.364.4540
Location: VA Boston Healthcare System, Research and Development Service Building 1A – (151), 150 S. Huntington Ave, Boston, MA, 02130


Dr. Alpaslan Dedeoglu received his MD from the Istanbul University School of Medicine and completed a pharmacology program at the Marmara University in 1992.  During and after his pharmacology program he worked at the University of Arizona, Ohio State University, and Massachusetts General Hospital; he then joined Boston University in 2000.  Dr. Dedeoglu’s major research interests are neuroanatomy, neuropathology, and the neurochemistry of animal models of neurodegenerative disorders.  His labs are located at the Boston VA Medical Center.  Dr. Dedeoglu is the PI of several ongoing projects that are funded by the NIH, VA, and private foundations.

Research Interests

Dr. Dedeoglu’s research interests include the following: neuroanatomy, immunocytochemistry, histochemistry of the brain, neuropathological and neurochemical basis of neurological disorders, and animal models of neurological diseases. He also works with therapeutic trials in rodent models of neurodegenerative disorders.


Dr. Dedeoglu has received various awards: Sandoz Pharmacology Science Award (1989), Eczacibasi Scientific Research and Medicine Encouragement Award (1992), Alzheimer’s Disease Core Center pilot award (2001-2002). “Therapeutic Strategies in a Mouse Model of AD”  Principal Investigator, Alzheimer’s Association New Investigator Award (2002-2004)” Anti-inflammatory Therapy in a Mouse Model of AD“  Principal Investigator, Merit Award (2004-2011) “Therapeutic Strategies in a Transgenic Model of AD”, Principal Investigator, R21 NIA (2005-2007), Integrated Neuroimaging and Pathology of Alzheimer Mice”, Principal Investigator, Merit Award (2005-2008) “Integrated neuroimaging and neuropathological study of exercise in ALS”

Dr. Dedeoglu is a member of the Boston Society of Neurology and Psychiatry and the Society for Neuroscience.

Recent Publications

Peer-reviewed publications of Dr. Dedeoglu’s work include the following (selected from a list of over 40):

Choi JK, Jenkins BG, Carreras I, Kaymakcalan S, Cormier K, Kowall NW, Dedeoglu A. Anti-inflammatory treatment in AD mice protects against neuronal pathology. Exp Neurol. 2010 Jun; 223(2): 377-84. [PDF]

McKee AC, Carreras I, Hossain L, Ryu H, Klein WL, Oddo S, LaFerla FM, Jenkins BG, Kowall NW, Dedeoglu A. Ibuprofen reduces Abeta, hyperphosphorylated tau and memory deficits in Alzheimer mice. Brain Res. 2008 May 1; 1207: 225-36. [PDF]

Choi JK, Dedeoglu A, Jenkins BG. Application of MRS to mouse models of neurodegenerative illness. NMR Biomed. 2007 May; 20(3): 216-37 [PDF]

Jenkins BG, Andreassen OA, Dedeoglu A, Leavitt B, Hayden M, Borchelt D, Ross CA, Detloff P, Ferrante RJ, Beal MF. Effects of CAG repeat length on cerebral metabolism in transgenic mouse models of Huntington’s disease. J Neurochem. 2005; 95(2): 553-62. [PDF]

Dedeoglu A, Choi JK, Cormier K, Kowall NW, Jenkins BG. Magnetic resonance spectroscopic analysis of Alzheimer disease mouse brain that express mutant human APP shows altered neurochemical profile. Brain Res. 2004 Jun 25; 1012(1-2): 60-65. [PDF]

Dedeoglu A, Cormier K, Payton S, Tseitlin KA, Kremsky JN, Lai L, Li X, Moir RD, Tanzi  RE, Bush AI, Kowall NW, Rogers JT, Huang X.  Preliminary studies of a novel bifunctional metal chelator targeting Alzheimer’s amyloidogenesis. Exp Gerontol. 2004 Nov-Dec; 39(11-12): 1641-09. [PDF]