Neuropathology and Biomarker Core


The Neuropathology and Biomarker Core leads the Center’s neuropathological analyses of brains donated by research registry participants. The Core works with the Clinical Core to carry out the Center’s Brain Tissue Donation Program, which provides brain tissue for analyses that will help to understand the underlying pathology of AD so that effective treatments can ultimately be developed. The Core also works closely with the Data Core to maintain a comprehensive computerized database of information resulting from neuropathological analyses. The Boston University Brain Bank of the Neuropathology Core not only documents neuropathological findings of Center research registry participants, but also of brain donors from important related BUSM studies such as the Framingham Heart Study and the Centenarian Study.


  • Conduct intensive neuropathological analyses using brains from deceased research participants in the ADC research registry and related studies
  • Assist with analyses to determine how well clinicians’ diagnoses of AD and related dementias correlate with neuropathological diagnoses on autopsy
  • Provide brain tissue to other investigators for use in neuropathological research on AD
  • Assist with outreach efforts to increase brain donation from African American research participants
  • Lead clinical-pathological case conferences to educate neurology fellows and Center faculty/staff
  • Provide autopsy reports to families of deceased Brain Donation Program participants

Brain Tissue Request

If you are interested in obtaining data from the BU ADC Neuropathology Core, please see the Information for Investigators page. Due to high demand all requests for tissue will be limited to a maximum of 20 samples per requestPlease note all requests for brain tissue usually take at least 6 months to fill after your request has been approved.  

Key Personnel

  • Ann McKee, MD, Director
  • Thor Stein, MD, PhD, Associate Director
  • Bertrand “Russ” Huber, MD, PhD, Neuropathologist
  • Victor E. Alvarez, MD, Physician Research Associate
  • Mike Alosco, PhD, Clinical Neuropsychology Fellow
  • Laney Evers, Research Assistant
  • Sarah Svirsky, Research Assistant
  • David Kwasnik, Research Assistant
  • Ray Nicks, Research Assistant
  • Lisa McHale, Director of Family Relations at the Sports Legacy Institute
  • Kerry Cormier, Senior Neuropathology Technician
  • Carol Kubilus, Senior Neuropathology Technician
  • Rebecca Mathias, Senior Neuropathology Technician
  • Daniel H. Daneshvar, MA, MD/PhD, Co Investigator
  • Jonathan Cherry, PhD, Post-Docto



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