Clinical Core


The Clinical Core of the Boston University Alzheimer’s Disease Core Center is a research registry in which patients with Alzheimer’s disease and normal controls are followed year after year. Each year, all of the participants in the research registry receive a physical and neuropsychological evaluation. Most participants in the research registry are followed for their entire life and donate their brains to research after death.

The participants in the research registry are also contacted regularly to determine if they wish to take part in research studies conducted by investigators at Boston University and at other research institutions in the area. All research studies must be approved by the leadership of the Alzheimer’s Disease Core Center before participants are contacted.

The research registry is known by the acronym HOPE, which stands for Health Outreach Program for the Elderly.

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  • Weekly Case Consensus Conference
  • Weekly Alzheimer’s Disease Research Seminar
  • Annual HOPE Participant Appreciation Luncheon

Clinical Data Requests

If you are interested in obtaining data from the BU ADC Neuropathology Core, please see the Information for Investigators page.

Key Personnel