Center Cores

The Alzheimer’s Disease Center includes various “Cores.” Each core is directed by an investigator with substantial expertise related to the core.

Administrative Core

Clinical Core

Outreach, Recruitment and Education Core

Neuropathology and Biomarker Core

  • Ann McKee, MD, Director
  • Thor Stein, MD, PhD, Associate Director
  • Bertrand “Russ” Huber, MD, PhD, Neuropathologist
  • Victor E. Alvarez, MD, Physician Research Associate
  • Mike Alosco, PhD, Clinical Neuropsychology Fellow
  • Laney Evers, Research Assistant
  • Sarah Svirsky, Research Assistant
  • David Kwasnik, Research Assistant
  • Ray Nicks, Research Assistant
  • Lisa McHale, Director of Family Relations at the Sports Legacy Institute
  • Kerry Cormier, Senior Neuropathology Technician
  • Carol Kubilus, Senior Neuropathology Technician
  • Rebecca Mathias, Senior Neuropathology Technician
  • Daniel H. Daneshvar, MA, MD/PhD, Co Investigator
  •  Jonathan Cherry, PhD, Post-Doctoral Fellow
  • Ian Mahar, PhD, Post-Doctoral Fellow

Data Management and Statistics Core

  • Yorghos Tripodis, PhD, Director
  • Joseph Palmisano, MA, MPH, Associate Director
  • Brett Martin, Statistical Manager
  • Diane Dixon, Senior Data Manager
  • Jingshun Yang, Database Programmer & Manager

Translation and Discovery Core Leader