Alumni College 2012

Join fellow alumni and friends at BU’s annual residential learning experience, the Alumni College of Arts & Society. Explore society and humanity through the lens of the arts during this three-day program led by faculty from the College of Arts & Sciences and across the University.

At Alumni College, you’ll reignite the energy of your days at BU. You’ll have the opportunity to live in a premier residence hall on-campus with fellow alumni for a weekend filled with intellectual stimulation, renewed friendships and social activities on-campus and throughout the city of Boston.

No homework. No term papers. No finals. Just thoughtful discussion and plenty of fun.


Access to Faculty

Remember your worldview shifting at the hands of your favorite professor? Recapture that feeling at Alumni College as you work with BU’s international thought leaders and trailblazers on the frontier of research and discovery.


Benefits of Lifelong Learning

Countless studies demonstrate the remarkable social, psychological, and physical benefits of continuing one’s active pursuit of knowledge. Reawaken your mind and body at the Alumni College of Arts & Society by learning alongside old classmates and new friends.


A Residential Experience

Participants have the opportunity to live on Comm. Ave. while they learn, keeping their intellectual adventures at the fore. The Alumni College of Arts & Society will bring back the vigor and curiosity you felt during your student days.