SPH Fund

Boston University School of Public Health’s mission is to improve the health of local, national, and international populations, particularly the disadvantaged, underserved, and vulnerable, through excellence and innovation in education, research and service. The School’s mission is served by three primary goals:

  1. Education: to enhance the quality and breadth of public health–related bachelor, master, and doctoral degree programs
  2. Research: to promote research that fosters interdisciplinary approaches, and provide program and policy-relevant solutions, to domestic and global health problems
  3. Diversity: to actively pursue increased diversity of people and programs, leading to stronger community connections

Record of achievement

BUSPH was established in 1976 and was a constituent school of the School of Medicine until 2000, when it became independent. The School has grown dramatically over the past ten years. It has evolved from a locally recognized educational institution into an internationally recognized academic institution with strong programs in education, research, and service.

Directions for the future

To continue the excellence of educational programs, BUSPH is engaged in efforts to:

  • Grow its doctoral programs and doctoral-level courses
  • Provide more practice-based education for masters students
  • Better integrate its M.P.H. curriculum to promote interdisciplinary learning

The School is committed to addressing the following major public health challenges:

  • Creating a clean environment
  • Substance abuse prevention and control
  • Ensuring affordable, quality healthcare for all
  • Promoting global health
  • Eliminating health disparities

Resources needed to succeed

Tuition costs, albeit high, do not cover the full cost of educating SPH students. Flexible funds are needed to supplement tuition dollars and will be directed to the areas of greatest need. The SPH Fund, administered by the Dean, serves this purpose.

The SPH Fund meets the needs of the School by providing funds for:

  • Student financial aid to attract the best students.
  • Faculty recruitment and development: the high cost of living in the Boston area makes attracting and keeping the best faculty a challenge.
  • Program and course development allowing the School to stay on the cutting-edge of relevant, interdisciplinary approaches.

Importance of the endeavor

Students are BUSPH’s primary focus. By supporting the SPH Fund, you are assuring them the best possible education to become effective public health professionals, dedicated to the local and global communities they serve.