SAR Fund

Today, BU College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College is located in an extensively renovated facility at 635 Commonwealth Avenue. The six-story building is fully equipped with outpatient health care clinics, research and practice laboratories, an instructional media center, computer labs, student lounges, an alumni room, faculty and staff offices, and modern classroom facilities.

As knowledge about health expands and society’s healthcare needs become more complex, BU Sargent College continuously improves its degree programs to meet the needs of future health professionals.

BU Sargent College offers basic and advanced professional degree programs in more than fifteen specialized areas, including athletic training, speech, language and hearing sciences, health science, nutrition, occupational therapy, physical therapy, human physiology, and more. Visit the Programs section of the College’s website ( to learn more about the specific programs and degree offerings at BU Sargent College.

There are many specialized research and teaching laboratories located throughout Sargent College, giving students the opportunity for hands-on experience. BU Sargent College is also affiliated with centers that conduct research and offer clinical services to the community. Visit the Research section of the College’s website to learn more about BU Sargent’s research centers and faculty research.

Annual Fund

In 2009, Sargent plans to raise $240,000 through its Annual Fund. Unrestricted alumni participation is crucial, as the College also plans to increase the number of donors by 10 percent this year. Important initiatives that require continuous funding include:

Scholarship Support

Funds are used to provide immediate support when a student’s existing financial aid does not cover tuition or any unforeseen expenses.

Renovating and Upgrading Spaces

The College’s building, at 635 Commonwealth Avenue, is seventeen years old. In order to compete with similar institutions, continuous renovations and classroom upgrades must be made. These improvements create an environment conducive to teaching and learning for faculty and students, and provide a welcoming atmosphere to the various clients who attend Sargent College clinics. During the summer of 2008, the Makechnie Study Center will underwent a complete renovation to provide a better space for students to study and collaborate with faculty on projects.

Improving Technology

In order to provide cutting-edge equipment and technology, Sargent must upgrade and replace computers and other tools. It is important to expose students to the latest innovations to better prepare them for their careers. Immediate technology advancements include acquiring:

  • An LED video and electronic information display system in the Makechnie Atrium that serves to welcome and direct Sargent College visitors and inform students of events
  • “Smart” podiums, allowing faculty to control all media aspects of the classroom without interrupting class to set up equipment

Enhancing Student Life

  • To help send first-year students to Sargent Camp providing an opportunity for students to get to know one another in an informal setting and to begin their Sargent experience on a positive note
  • Featuring relevant guest speakers who enhance the educational experience
  • To send students to conferences and exhibits that complement classroom learning, giving students a competitive edge

Improving Faculty Development

In an effort to attract and retain outstanding faculty members, the Sargent Fund provides:

  • Start-up packages, seed money, and reduced teaching loads to help junior faculty launch their research careers
  • Travel funds to help research and clinical faculty members enhance their educations by staying current in their fields
  • Release time and summer salaries that allow faculty members to pursue their own scholarly interests