CGS Fund/DGE Alumni

In 1952, under the vision and leadership of Dean Judson Rea Butler and his dedicated faculty, the College of General Studies opened its doors in downtown Boston as a junior college serving World War II and Korean War veterans. The last four deans of the College have been visionaries among the higher education community, helping advance the unique and distinctive interdisciplinary curriculum and team-taught method of instruction that the College pioneered so long ago.

Since Dean Linda Wells took the helm in 2000, the College has seen many improvements, including major renovation projects, more electives for students, study-abroad opportunities, increased financial aid, enhanced faculty research initiatives, and more. Dean Wells oversees the core of the liberal arts academic program, which includes disciplines in the humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, and rhetoric. More than 70 faculty members, advisors, specialists, and support staff members serve between 1,200 and 1,400 freshmen and sophomores each year by helping to transform each student into an adult and future leader.

This year’s newly admitted Class of 2012 sustains the College’s upward trajectory of excellence, ranking among the top 21 percent of their high school classes with a B+ average. The middle 50 percent of admitted students boasts a composite SAT score of 1110–1260 on the verbal and quantitative portions of the exam, a 600 on the writing portion, and an ACT composite of 24–27.

CGS provides a conducive learning environment in a building that was custom-designed for the College in 1966. Three major construction projects over the last four years have modernized the building to meet the needs of students today. Opening in fall 2008, the renovated lobby is most recent, providing a location for all of the College’s students gather, share ideas, and discuss different perspectives. The Marilyn and Jeffery Katzenberg Center, which opened in fall 2006, is an academic highlight at CGS, where students are often found studying, surfing the web, collaborating on team projects. The renovation of both the lobby and the center were entirely funded by the generosity of alumni, parents, and friends of the College.

The College of General Studies is seeking the funding and support to meet its most urgent needs and continue preparing its students for the highest measures of personal and professional success. Gifts to the CGS Fund are used to:

Offer supplemental financial assistance

The cost of higher education represents a tremendous financial burden for students and parents—a burden too heavy for some to bear. Donations to the CGS Fund allow the College to help fill unmet financial needs by offering research and travel stipends, merit awards, campus jobs, and emergency aid to undergraduates so they have every opportunity to explore their academic interests.

Support faculty development

Although the College’s emphasis has always been on teaching, CGS faculty continue to pursue their own research, typical of faculty at major universities. Donations to the CGS Fund will allow the dean of the College to sponsor faculty participation in conferences, symposia, and seminars, as well as to fund research projects that advance the College’s mission.

Renovate the learning environment

Optimal learning requires facilities that are functional, up-to-date, and safe. Donations to the CGS Fund provide work spaces for quiet study, group collaboration, classes, and multimedia learning within the College. Although two new study centers and a lobby have been completed, lecture halls and classrooms require renovation to meet the needs of today’s students.

Upgrade technology

New computers and learning tools have benefited the College tremendously. Additional funds are crucial for maintenance and upgrades. Donations to the CGS Fund support the College’s commitment to upgrading computers, wireless internet connections, software, and audio and visual equipment.

Enhance student life

Within CGS, a variety of student interest groups encompass everything from world affairs to the relationship between film and philosophy. Gifts to the CGS Fund support these interest groups by subsidizing forums, study groups, research projects, dinners, and other activities that enhance student life at the College and encourage faculty-student interaction.

Just as the College of General Studies is proud of its faculty, students, and alumni, it is also appreciative of the generosity expressed by its parents and friends. CGS could not have achieved fifty-five years of excellence and leadership in the field of general education without the support and feedback of the General Studies community. The dean and Development & Alumni Relations welcome your comments and observations about the College.