Audit Courses at MET

As a special privilege, Metropolitan College offers Boston University alumni the opportunity to audit a class for academic enrichment. The cost of this benefit is $40 per credit (plus a $60 registration fee). For Computer Science courses, the per credit fee will be $115 (plus a $60 registration fee). Audited classes are neither graded nor offered for college credit. Students must meet all prerequisites of the course to be eligible to audit the course.

Alumni Audit is available:

  • for undergraduate MET courses (courses numbered below 600).
  • for MET sponsored GMS (Graduate Medical Science) Courses without labs, including GMS online courses, numbered 500 and below. There is a $50 per credit Technology Fee that is applicable for online courses in addition to the fees detailed above.
  • during Fall and Spring semesters only.

Alumni Audit is not available:

  • after the 3rd week of class
  • for graduate courses (courses numbered 600 and above).
  • for non-computer Science Courses with Labs.
  • for degree completion programs.
  • for online courses (GMS online course are available as noted above).
  • during Summer Term.
  • for more than one class per semester.

The Procedure

  • During the 1st week of class, call Metropolitan College at 353-3000 to request audit approval from the Assistant Dean of Student Services. Requests will be reviewed on the basis of space availability and appropriateness of course.
  • If permission is granted, a MET representative will email to inform you that you have been approved.
  • Alumni student must submit an add/drop form signed by the instructor, a completed registration form, and either a personal check or money order (made out to Boston University) for the cost of the course. All necessary forms are available in the Metropolitan College Main Office.
  • Paperwork and payment must NOT BE RETURNED TO THE REGISTRAR’S OFFICE.
  • Please submit all materials to Metropolitan College, 755 Commonwealth Ave. Room 103, Boston, MA 02215.

For further information contact a Metropolitan College representative at 617-353-3000.