Sample Events and Programs

The following are a few examples of successful Networks events:

Social Networking

Social networking events are especially popular among young alumni and have been branded as BUYAHHs (Boston University Young Alumni Happy Hours). Social networking events tend to be most popular when held in a place that is conveniently located and of particular interest to those who are invited (i.e. a hip restaurant/bar, a new local attraction).

Professional Networking

Like social networking, professional networking events often do not have formal programming elements. Unlike social networking, however, professional networking events may appeal to a wider age range within a particular industry.

Educational Panels

Educational panels can be industry-specific (i.e. biotechnology) or interest-specific (i.e. energy). Panels can include one or more BU faculty and/or alumni experts. This type of event can include a networking opportunity before and/or after the presentation and can be enhanced by location (i.e. Longwood Gardens in Philadelphia) or additional programming (i.e. movie screening of “I Remember Better When I Paint.”)

Cultural Programs

Cultural programs are most successful when there is a BU element involved, for example when an actor, director or producer is a BU affiliate and can provide alumni and their guests with exclusive access to a meet-and-greet, a talk-back and/or a back-stage tour.

Athletic Events

In addition to our championship-level men’s ice hockey team, we have men and women in a variety of other sports who travel to compete against other collegiate athletes throughout the country. Organizing a pre-game party along with discounted group tickets to the game is a great way to support current Terriers while building spirit among alumni Terriers. Additionally, as with cultural events, a BU affiliate with a local sports team (or a Boston sports team visiting) can provide an opportunity for “BU-ness.”