Role of Alumni Relations

While many events and programs rely heavily on volunteer support, the Alumni Relations office is here to help. There are many ways to support events in many regions, and they very depending on the type of event, timeframe of the event, and other considerations.

A staff liaison will be assigned to your network to consult on programming and to provide support. Your staff liaison will assist you in developing programs that incorporate BU elements such as professors, alumni speakers, or exclusive benefits to the BU alumni community. While social gatherings are important, staff will encourage your network to plan events and activities that meet the needs of alumni in a certain area. Examples include career nights, cultural events, faculty-led tours, hot topic panels, and more.

In addition to creative brainstorming, staff will help your network in the following categories:

  • Local/regional analysis of alumni population
  • Marketing and communications
    • Website
    • Email
    • Social media (Twitter, Facebook, Linked-In)
    • School/College alumni magazines and Bostonia
  • Event logistics
    • Venue recommendations
    • Catering recommendations
  • Online registration and fee processing
  • Promotional materials and give-away items
  • Budgeting

Your BU staff liaison is your partner in the branding of the University and can work with you on how to market and message events and programs.